Digital marketing for online commerce and SEO

Digital Marketing for Online Commerce and SEO

The development in the field of digital marketing is associated with an increased need to promote goods and services in the digital environment. If earlier business used Internet marketing tools, today digital marketing is gaining momentum. The goal of digital marketing is to attract new customers using all available digital channels.

What does online commerce do

E-commerce combines all trading platforms and services where online payments are made. These include online stores based on electronic payments.

Online commerce includes all global chains of business processes in the network that are associated with the execution of operations, both commercial and financial. E-commerce includes the sale and purchase of goods and services using digital means:

  • m-commerce
  • various online services
  • electronic money transfer services
  • online transaction processing
  • digital document management and data exchange
  • data collection tools
  • supply chain regulation
  • internet marketing


E-commerce regulates processes involving the implementation of Internet trade: online stores, Internet banking, payment for transport tickets, rental of housing and hotels, transactions through payment systems, advertising. This is where digital marketing tools come in handy.

What is digital marketing in ecommerce?

Digital marketing for online commerce combines methods and tools aimed at finding new customers, keeping old ones interested, and following them through the purchase. The performance of e-commerce is confirmed in practice when a client purchases a product or service through getting to the top of the sales funnel. Digital marketing helps increase conversion rates by tracking customer experience along the path to purchase.

Digital marketing of marketplaces on the Internet includes work in social networks, e-mail newsletters, and other methods of reaching an audience. It is important to keep track of new marketing solutions to maintain success. The success of the chosen marketing strategy depends on the right tools. The exchange of experience and working life hacks take place on our website SEO tools.

Which of the existing marketing tools is the most effective?

It is impossible to say unequivocally which of the digital tools will be more effective. In practice, marketers are aware of examples when advertising on TV or YouTube helped powerful brand promotion. High efficiency gives the placement of advertising messages in podcasts. Therefore, digital marketing faces the challenges of learning the best solutions for a particular business. For a more detailed analysis, consider the main types of e-commerce.

It is important to keep in mind that at the moment there are about a dozen types of marketing in e-commerce. In most cases, this applies to the sale of goods via the Internet.

Types of e-commerce

Digital commerce is divided into two main groups.

  1. Object of sale:
  • everyday goods (food, household chemicals and hygiene products, clothing, furniture and interior items, household and multimedia appliances, printed materials)
  • digitized goods (music, films, educational courses and trainings, books)
  • services (cleaning, “husband for an hour”, help of a loader, food delivery)
  1. Consumer of the final product:
  • B2B – the interaction of business entities with each other (wholesale trade, corporate services). In this type of relationship, digital marketing is used most often.
  • В2С – consumer orientation (online retail stores). This segment is of the greatest interest for digital marketing tools
  • D2G – the business is focused on the sale of goods and services to state-owned enterprises (industrial, medical equipment, software)
  • C2B – the offer of goods and services by individuals that are of interest to large companies (programmers, copywriters, marketers)
  • С2С – sale of services directly from person to person (nurses, tutors, tailoring)
  • C2G – the purchase of public services by the population
  • G2B – provision of public infrastructure for private business (airspace, government websites)

The most common types of relationships are B2C and B2B. It is in the B2C consumer segment and the B2B sphere that digital marketing has found the greatest distribution. The successful experience of companies speaks of the high effectiveness of digital marketing tools.

How does digital marketing work?

Digital marketing combines the whole range of ways and means of influencing consumer behavior through the use of digital communications. These include personal computers and laptops, smartphones and tablets – any technical means through which you can broadcast the necessary information. It is important to clarify that digital marketing is not directly used for sales. It aims to inform about products and works to increase brand awareness.

The main advantage of digital marketing is personalization. An approach is selected for each real or probable client. To form an accurate appeal, it is necessary to find out everything about the consumer – his range of interests, preferences. After studying the data, an attention-grabbing mailing is prepared. Preparation can be divided into stages:

  • goal setting to understand the client’s desires
  • identification of the optimal source for mailing (social networks, contextual advertising in search engines)
  • advertising campaign launch
  • analysis of the first results and necessary adjustments

Essential Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing tools include those ways and means that allow you to reach the largest number of potential customers to purchase a particular product or service. In practice, a number of digital tools are used simultaneously: from managing applications and advertising cabinets to analyzing the results. This approach allows you to attract the attention of as many people as possible from the target audience. Which tools to use depends on the goals set for the marketing campaign.

Among other factors that influence the choice of tools, these are the features of the target audience, the characteristics of the product being promoted, and what stage the promotion is in, etc.

Key digital marketing tools:


Tool Description
contextual advertising


Advertisements in text, graphic format are placed on thematic resources on the Internet.
Seo They work to increase the position of the site in the thematic issue of the search engine. Digital marketing requires preliminary search engine optimization of the site
Banner ads and advertising windows Placement of banners on thematic resources with the offer of a product or service
Native advertising It implies the publication of live materials in the form of reviews, expert opinions aimed at creating a desire to make a purchase
Bulk SMS Sending text messages through telecom operators with a thematic offer
QR codes The placement of codes is aimed at pushing to install a certain application, go to payment or use a digital service (for example, paying for travel in transport)

Digital marketing can even include advertising in print media and the distribution of flyers if the ads contain a QR code. The choice of tools depends on the goals facing the business.

Digital Marketing Tools in the Online Environment

Among the digital marketing methods used in the online space, the most developed are:


Tool Description
Targeting Social media ads based on the user’s interests
Contextual advertising Ads with text in search results based on keywords
Teaser advertising The purpose of the messages is to cheat views
Media advertising A tool to increase brand awareness through the impact on user emotions
SMM Promotion of a brand or product through the maintenance of accounts in social networks
Seo promotion Work to improve the content of the site in order to raise positions in search results
Viral advertising The main purpose of messages is to create a desire to click through interest.
Aggregator sites and marketplaces Electronic platforms with product catalogs and price comparisons from various sellers
E-mail newsletter Individualized appeals to users through mail services
Crowd marketing Posting as a recommendation on a thematic forum
Content Marketing Writing and publishing content that benefits readers
Chatbots and channels in messengers Promoting digital content or placing affiliate ads on eligible apps
Push Notifications Pop-up advertisements on website pages or mobile applications

How to choose the right digital marketing tools

Competent promotion using digital tools requires full-fledged analytics. The analysis requires the following data:

  1. Target audience parameters: gender, age, location, hobbies. Based on the data obtained, it is possible to determine which digital technologies the target group uses. This will influence the choice of digital promotion tools. Tips for choosing a strategy can be found on SEO Tools, which contains useful articles for optimizers.
  2. Product properties. An example is the branding of mobile applications. The customer gets the opportunity to use his brand, recognizable from other products, to design mobile phone applications in the corporate style. In this case, brand loyalty is increased through the use of the application. For example, a food manufacturer launches a mobile application that helps people lose weight.

Based on the results of the analysis, suitable channels and a set of digital tools are identified to launch promotion. Collecting analytics is useful even after the start of an advertising campaign. The analysis helps evaluate the effectiveness of measures and, if necessary, make adjustments to the digital marketing strategy.

SEO optimization in digital marketing

E-commerce marketing uses a rich list of tools to spread information about a product or company to a wide audience, attract and hold its attention. On a par with online advertising (targeting, context, banners, viral) is seo digital optimization.

The SEO optimization method is used to 

increase the number of:

  • site visitors
  • smartphone app users
  • buyers and clients by raising the position of the page in thematic issue

It takes a lot of time to get the first results compared to other digital marketing methods. Proper use of the tool provides a powerful digital marketing channel that ensures the influx of a large number of users to the page. On SEO tools you can find useful tips and digital marketing tips. The SEO optimization process is not limited by time and can be continuously improved without requiring special costs.

How SEO Affects Business Growth

It is important to understand that almost every business is online today, and there are billions of companies and websites. Otherwise, no one will know about the company. In order to compete with such an incredible number of websites, you have to put in significant effort to bring the site to a profitable position.

If a company that produces a great product has a website, but it is not optimized, you should not expect an influx of visitors. Search engine optimization with digital marketing tools turns an unobtrusive site into an easy-to-find one. A properly built SEO strategy makes the page visible to search engines, and, therefore, to end users. The site becomes recognizable among those competing in its niche.

Who is the seotools blog good for?

SEO is an essential element in building a digital marketing strategy. The purpose of using SEO tools is to direct traffic flows of web visitors to a specific site. It is a known fact that people view 1-2 pages of search results. Compared to e-mail newsletters or SMM, the funds invested in SEO pay off well and give a stable result.

And for this, you need to do the work to raise the web page to a higher position in the search results. You can get acquainted with ways to improve the site, and read tips for developing a business online on the pages of SEO tools. It will be useful primarily to SEO optimizers and those who are interested in digital marketing.

In addition to seo digital, social media advertising should work well, since advertising is always necessary. It works best when the company first goes online. Advertising immediately attracts a large flow of visitors. On the contrary, competent SEO provides constant, stable, and, most importantly, free traffic.

Seo tools is a popular platform for the exchange of experience in the development of e-commerce

Every Internet user makes almost daily search requests to Google and other search engines. Search engine optimization seo digital is the most effective digital marketing tool. The study of information about a product, product, service begins with the introduction of keywords in the search box.

Information, cases, and analytics from seo tools serve as a good example for practicing SEO specialists. Thanks to the exchange of knowledge, SEO optimizers manage to ensure the necessary quality of the content posted on the pages. On SEO tools you can find tips on choosing effective promotion tools. Proper use of SEO tools helps to improve the visibility of the site and leads to an increase in organic traffic.

The main reasons for the popularity of the SEO digital method in digital marketing

Compared to other methods of driving traffic to the site in order to increase sales and increase brand loyalty, the SEO method is more attractive among other digital marketing methods:

  • The vast majority of network users try to avoid viewing ads, install blockers
  • More than half of B2B segment companies got customers thanks to SEO tools optimization
  • The largest number of transitions are received by sites from the first three search positions
  • The abundance of ads on the page slows down its loading, which provokes users to leave it


There are several types of SEO, which depend on the tasks:

  • optimization in mobile app stores
  • overall site conversion optimization through the use of Google Analytics and similar tools that track user behavior
  • conversion optimization through mobile applications (consumer behavior tracking)

E-commerce Trends

Trends in the development of global online commerce have created a new direction in traditional marketing. Now it actively uses digital methods, which are superior in effectiveness to conventional advertising.

To achieve a certain effect, whether it is a brand promotion on the network or profit growth, you need to use as many channels as possible. How to get more customers with the help of the site? Tips for developing a company website on the web can be found on the seotools blog. Digital marketing and its tools are the main engines in today’s realities.

Tracking the latest SEO tools news helps to improve the company’s website

Statistics say that 100% of young people in the 12-24 age group use the Internet. Among active users from the older group – 90%. The main goal of online commerce is to disseminate information about the manufacturer and product. Therefore, it is important for all market participants to understand through which channels a modern buyer receives information about goods and services.

One of the most significant components of digital marketing was the creation of a digital representation of the company in the network – a website. This is where SEO will play a key role. Without it, the company’s website will be lost among thousands of its kind. Proper use of modern digital marketing tools increases the reach of the audience and improves the quality of the company’s interaction with consumers.

A quality website becomes a calling card for any business. The site is constantly working and is both a way to tell about yourself and your products, an online showcase, and a sales platform.

In seotools, experts share their best practices, and reveal the secrets with which you can promote the site to the first pages of the search. How can content affect the business as a whole?

  • Sales growth. Potential consumers who are looking for information about the product will come to the site with good positions
  • Establishing business partnerships. Current and future partners react to how well the company is doing. And well-built digital marketing is able to increase sales and, accordingly, the company’s turnover.
  • A good site means a good reputation. Not only potential customers and partners but also applicants pay attention to it. People tend to work in successful companies, as evidenced by a quality website

The Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing

Many companies underestimate the impact of SEO as a digital marketing tool. They consider this approach time-consuming and ineffective. But reputation and recognition on the web are only available through search engine optimization. Using the best digital marketing techniques, such as SEO, will take the company to the top.