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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) promotion with your own hands

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing a website to improve its visibility in search engines. Many webmasters are interested in SEO website promotion with their own hands to save budget and gain more flexible control over the strategy. Independent SEO website promotion requires a thorough understanding of the key aspects of optimization, including keyword research, content optimization, creating quality backlinks and analyzing the results. With SEO promotion with your own hands you can optimize your website for selected keywords, attract new visitors and increase conversion rates without depending on external consultants. Remember that SEO promotion with your own hands requires patience and continuous improvement, but can bring significant results in the long run.

The development in digital marketing is due to the increased
the need to promote goods and services in the digital environment.
If a business used to use internet marketing tools in the past,
then today digital marketing is gaining momentum.
The goal of digital marketing is to attract new customers with a
using all available digital channels.
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What he does

online commerce?

E-commerce brings together all trading platforms and services where online payments are made. This includes online stores that are based on electronic payments.Online commerce encompasses all the world’s online business process chains that involve the execution of transactions, both trade and financial.
→ e-commerce refers to the sale and purchase of goods and services using digital means:
online servicesspan
online services
online services for electronic money transfersspan,
data collection
marketing in
digital workflow
and data exchange
supply chains
m-commerce processing
online transactions

What is digital marketing in

Digital marketing for online commerce combines methods and tools aimed at finding new customers, keeping old ones interested, and following them through the purchase process. The workability of e-commerce is proven in practice, when a customer, through getting to the top of the sales funnel, purchases a product or service. Digital marketing helps increase conversion rates by tracking the customer experience along the path to purchase.
Digital marketing of online marketplaces includes social media outreach, email blasts, and other methods of reaching audiences. It’s important to keep track of new marketing solutions to maintain success. The success of the chosen marketing strategy depends on the right tools. Sharing of experiences and workable flyhacks takes place on our seo tools website.

Which of the existing tools
of marketing is most effective?


It is impossible to say definitively which of the digital tools will prove to be more
effective. In practice, marketers are aware of examples when powerful promotion
the brand was helped by TV or YouTube ads. High efficiency gives
placement of advertising messages in podcasts. So before digital marketing.
The challenge is to explore the best solutions for a particular business. For more
Let’s analyze the main types of e-commerce in detail.

It’s important to keep in mind that at this point. There are about a dozen types of marketing in e- commerce. In most cases, this applies to the sale of goods via the Internet.

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SEO tools

Что такое серч консоль: обзор
сервиса Google search console

Google Search Console представляет собой бесплатный инструмент, дающий возможность веб-мастерам следить за показателями эффективности сайта, его поведением в поисковой системе. GSC помогает понять, как лучше провести оптимизацию контента и обнаружить возможные сбои работы сайта. Для того, чтобы веб-сайт попал в индексацию Гугл, не нужно специально его регистрировать в серч консоли. Это происходит автоматически.

SEO and PPC service review
USErstat (Serpstat)

The basis of successful promotion of web resources is a deep and systematic analysis of the current state of the site, competitors and target audience. Based on the information obtained, an effective strategy can be developed to achieve good results in the shortest possible time. To analyze the positions of the site, seo-specialists use different tools. The lion’s share of the work comes from a tool developed by the company

How to define a CMS
(website engine)

An important part of SEO – promotion is to determine the cms of competing web resources. Knowing what others are using, having analyzed their work, it is easier to make an informed decision and correctly determine the platform of the site for further work on it.
Every business owner wants their goods and services on the Internet to be represented by a unique resource with the friendliest possible experience

Types of e-commerce


Object of sale

Everyday goods (food, household chemicals and hygiene products, clothing, furniture and interior items, household and multimedia appliances, printed products)

Digitized goods (music, movies, educational courses and trainings, books)

Services (cleaning, “man on the hour”, help of a loader, food delivery)


final product

B2B – interaction of business entities among themselves (wholesale trade, corporate services). In this type of relationship, digital marketing is used most frequently

B2C – consumer-oriented (online retail stores). This segment is of most interest for digital marketing tools

D2G – business is focused on selling goods and services to state enterprises (industrial, medical equipment, software)

C2B – offering of goods and services by individuals interesting for large companies (programmers, copywriters, marketers)

C2C – selling a service directly from person to person (caregivers, tutors, tailoring)

C2G – purchase of public services by the population

G2B – provision of public infrastructure for private business (airspace, government web pages)

How it works
digital marketing?

Digital marketing combines a full range of ways and means of influencing consumer behavior through the use of digital communications. These include personal computers and laptops, smartphones and tablets – any technical means through which the necessary information can be broadcast. It’s important to clarify that digital marketing is not directly used for sales. It aims to inform about the products and works to increase brand awareness.

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The main benefit of digital marketing is personalization. An approach is tailored to each actual or likely client. To form an accurate appeal it is necessary to know everything about the consumer – his circle of interests, preferences. After reviewing the data, an attention-grabbing mailing is prepared. The preparation can be divided into stages:

setting goals to understand the client’s desires span
dentifying the optimal source for mailing (social networks, contextual advertising in search engines)span
launching an advertising campaign span
analyzing the first results and the necessary adjustment

Basic tools
digital marketing

Digital marketing tools include those ways and means of reaching the largest number of potential customers to purchase a particular product or service. In practice, a number of digital tools are used simultaneously: from managing bids and advertising rooms to analyzing the results obtained. This approach allows you to capture the attention of as many people in your target audience as possible. What tools to use – depends on the goals set for the marketing campaign. Among other factors that influence the choice of tools are the peculiarities of the CA, the characteristics of the promoted product, and what stage the promotion is in, etc.

Advertisements in text, graphic format are placed on thematic resources on the Internet

Work to increase the position of the site in the thematic rendition of the search engine. Digital marketing requires search engine optimization of the website beforehand.

Placing banners on thematic resources with the offer of goods or services

It implies the publication of live materials in the form of reviews, expert opinions aimed at creating a desire to make a purchase

Sending text messages through telecom operators with a thematic offer

The placement of codes is intended to encourage people to install a particular app, proceed to payment or use a digital service (e.g., paying for transportation fares)

Even advertising in printed media and distribution of flyers, if there is a QR code in the announcements, can be attributed to digital marketing. The choice of tools depends on the goals of the business.

Among the digital marketing techniques,
used in the online space,
the greatest development has been:

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Social media ads based on user interests

Rectangle 111

Promotion of a brand or product through the maintenance of social media accounts

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Ads with text in keyword-based search results

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The purpose of the posts is to rack up views

Rectangle 111

A tool to increase brand awareness through the impact on user’s emotions

Rectangle 111

Work on improving the content filling of the site in order to raise its position in search results

Rectangle 111

The main purpose of the posts is through interest to make you want to click through

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Electronic marketplaces with product catalogs and price comparisons from various sellers

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Individualized appeals to users through mail services

Rectangle 111

Electronic marketplaces with product catalogs and price comparisons from various sellers

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Writing and publishing materials that benefit readers

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Promoting digital content or placing affiliate ads in relevant apps

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Pop-up advertising messages on website pages or mobile apps

How to choose the right tools
for digital marketing

Competent promotion using digital tools requires the following
full-fledged analytics. The following data are needed for the analysis:
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Product Properties.
To give you an example, we can brand mobile apps.

The customer gets the opportunity to use their brand, recognizable from other products, to design in the corporate style of cell phone applications.
In this case, brand loyalty is increased through the use of the app. For example, a food manufacturer launches a mobile app to help you lose weight.

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CA parameters: gender, age, location, hobbies.

Based on the data obtained, it is possible to determine which digital technologies the target group is using.
This will influence the choice of digital promotion tools.

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SEO optimization in digital marketing

Marketing for online commerce utilizes a rich list of tools to spread the word about a product or company to a wide audience, attracting and keeping their attention. On a par with online advertising (targeting, context, banners, viral) is seo digital optimization.

SEO optimization method is used to increase the number of:

site visitors

smartphone app users

customers and clients by raising the page position in the thematic rendition

It takes quite a long time to get the first results compared to other digital marketing methods. Proper use of the tool gives you a powerful digital marketing channel to drive a large number of users to the page. On seo tools you can pick up useful tips and also find digital marketing hints. The process of seo optimization is not limited by time and can be continuously improved with little cost.

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How SEO affects the growth of a business

It’s important to realize that virtually every business today has an online presence, and that’s billions of companies and websites. Otherwise, no one will know about the company. In order to compete with such an incredible number of websites, one has to put in substantial efforts to bring the site to a favorable position.
If a company that makes a great product has a website, but it’s not optimized, you shouldn’t expect an influx of visitors. Search engine optimization by means of digital marketing transforms an inconspicuous website into an easily found one. A properly built seo strategy makes a page visible to search engines, and thus to end users. The site becomes recognizable among competitors in its niche.

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Main reasons for popularity
seo digital in digital

Compared to other ways of attracting traffic to a website to increase sales and brand loyalty, the SEO method is more attractive among other digital marketing methods:

Rectangle 169

The vast majority of web users try to avoid viewing ads, install ad blockers

Sites from the first three positions receive the highest number of clicks

More than half of B2B companies gained customers thanks to optimization using Seo Tulses

An abundance of ads on a page slow down its loading time, which provokes users to leave it

There are a few standouts in SEO
types that depend on
of the tasks at hand:

optimization in mobile app stores

Conversion optimization through mobile applications (tracking consumer behavior)

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general optimization of site conversion through the use of Google Analytics and similar tools that track user behavior

Trends in e-commerce

Global online commerce trends have created a new trend in familiar marketing. It now makes heavy use of digital methods that are more effective than conventional advertising.

To achieve a certain effect, whether it’s promoting a brand online or increasing profits, you need to utilize as many channels as possible. How can you get more customers with your website? Tips on how to develop a company website online can be found on the seotools blog. Digital marketing and its tools are the main drivers in today’s realities.

Track the latest SEO TOOLS news
helps to improve the company's website

Statistics state that 100% of young people in the age group of 12-24 years use the internet. Among active users from the older group, 90% are active. Online commerce has as its main goal the dissemination of information about the manufacturer and the product. Therefore, it is important for all market participants to understand through which channels the modern buyer receives information about goods and services.

One of the most significant components of digital marketing has been the creation of a digital representation of the company on the web – the website. And this is where SEO promotion will play a key role. Without it, the company’s website will get lost among thousands of similar ones. Competent application of modern digital marketing tools increases audience reach and improves the quality of a company’s interaction with consumers.

A quality website becomes the calling card for any business. The site is continuously running and is both a way to tell about yourself and your products, an online showcase and a sales pitch.

In seotools experts share their developments, reveal the secrets with the help of which you can promote the site to the first pages of search. How can content impact the business as a whole?

Sales growth

Potential consumers who are looking for information about a product will come to a site with good positions

Establishing a business partnership

Current and future partners react to how well the company is doing. And well-built digital marketing has the potential to increase sales and, consequently, the company’s turnover

A good website is a good reputation

Not only potential clients and partners, but also job seekers pay attention to it. People aspire to work for successful companies, as evidenced by a quality website

The importance of SEO in
digital marketing

Many companies underestimate the impact of SEO as a digital marketing tool. They find this approach time-consuming and ineffective. But online reputation and recognition are only available through search engine optimization. Utilizing the best digital marketing techniques such as seo will bring the company to the top.

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