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Growth Bar: A Powerful SEO Tool for Result-Driven Entrepreneurs and Marketers

Not every SEO-specialist or entrepreneur who has decided to engage in self-promotion of their business, can afford to use specialized tools. First, they are quite difficult to understand for a beginner, and secondly, they often have a high price. The cost of popular SEO tools sometimes reaches $ 99 per month, which is quite expensive for small and medium-sized businesses. To help companies with limited budgets avoid high costs, marketers Hailey Friedman and Mark Spera have developed a new product – GrowthBar. This tool performs the main functions of an SEO tool at a price much lower than expensive counterparts. For those entrepreneurs who are serious about ranking their pages in the Google search engine, Growth Bar is a must-have tool if they want to take one of the leading positions in the search engine.

With the Growth Bar application, self-promotion of SEO becomes as simple as possible

Growth Bar is an inexpensive SEO tool used to compile a list of keywords, collect statistics and more. It can be used in two ways.

  • as a separate web application;
  • as a Chrome extension.

Having a Chrome extension sets it apart from most well-known SEO tools, which tend to work as standalone web applications rather than as plug-ins or extensions. For example, Moz, Semrush, Ahrefs, etc.

Obviously, if you want to use the Growth Bar extension for Chrome, you will need the browser itself and a Google account. The developers also offer a trial version for those who are just thinking and want to try the tool before making a purchase. You can work with the program for free for 5 days.

We recommend that you first use the free version to learn all the key features. Just enter your email address and click “Register”. On the next page, select any of the three paid plans and click the “Start Free Trial” button.

On the next page, enter your data to activate the free trial. You will be asked to enter your credit card details, but you will not be charged for the first 5 days. You can cancel the trial at any time before the end. After logging in to your Growth Bar account, download the Growth Bar extension for Chrome by clicking the “Get Chrome Extension” button in the upper right corner of the toolbar.

Adding Growth Bar to your web browser will allow you to instantly get SEO information right in your web browser. During the trial period, the user gets full access to the Growth Bar keyword research functions, backlink analysis functions, advanced SEO indicators and much more.

Growth Bar tools for marketing and SEO promotion in a standalone version of the program

The whole philosophy of the Growth Bar program is based on making it as simple and clear as possible for an SEO-beginner. Therefore, the developers have removed everything unnecessary and left only 4 functions used.

  1. Site inspector – provides the user with all the basic information about the site (search engine rankings, backlinks, Google CPC data and links to Facebook ads used by the website);
  2. Rank tracker – in this section you can enter the domain together with the list of keywords and check / track its ranking by them;
  3. Keywords and content – a keyword analyzer that lets you know how many search queries exist for that keyword, as well as tips on content that may be useful for targeting;
  4. Profile – a profile of the profile, which you can configure as you see fit to work with the program.

Let’s consider each function separately.

Site Inspector to analyze your resource and competing sites

In this section, you can enter any domain URL, such as one of your competitors, and access the following information:

  • domain ranking in Google rankings;
  • organic traffic;
  • backlinks (plus icon). By clicking on the icon, you can view a list of links that lead to the site. Great feature, but there is one nuance: the application shows only a list of links, not counting their total number. As the list is limited to 500 names, other applications will have to be used to calculate the total number. There is also a problem with calculating broken links. It is not possible to determine which link continues to perform its task and which does not, and it should be replaced. To obtain such information, you must additionally use Semrush or Ahrefs, where such information is one of the main functions;
  • Google ads used by the owner of this domain, as well as cost-per-click data (Google icon)
  • keywords and phrases for which the site currently ranks high;
  • whether Facebook advertising is running and how it works.

Rank tracker for analyzing changes in domain rankings

Using the Growth Bar rating tracker, you can enter a domain and keyword and get the following information:

  • how high the rating of this domain is for the keyword you entered;
  • how difficult it will be to get to the first page of Google search results for the keyword you entered;
  • suggested keywords to help you rank on the first page of Google search results.
  • the average number of words in your keyword’s content rankings on the first page of Google search results.

You can use this section to evaluate your rating, track how it develops over time, thanks to the columns “Best rank” and “Chance” in the data table, as well as the graph on the right side of the screen. It is possible to track multiple domains.

How to choose keywords and content for SEO promotion through Keywords & Content

This section in the program allows the user to:

  • get data / suggestions for keywords based on the entered phrase;

Just enter a word or phrase in the search bar. The application in a matter of seconds will determine how difficult it will be to move on this word and select more keyword variations. You can view the full list by turning the data pages or downloading the result to your PC.

  • receive suggestions for filling the page based on this phrase.

The powerful OpenAI GPT-3 artificial intelligence technology used to create this program will help you create content and optimize it for ranking. You can enter any keyword and get an instant map of the content you need, a monthly search volume for that keyword, an estimate of how difficult it will be to rank for that keyword, and a list of related keywords.

From here you can get ideas for headlines, estimate the optimal size of the article and how many times it is advisable to use the keyword. You can see which images the application offers for our content.

What are the opportunities for SEO promotion provides the Growth Bar extension for Chrome

In addition to the standalone version of the program, it is very convenient to use a browser extension. The Chrome extension basically changes all your Google search results, so in addition to descriptions and links to relevant web pages, they also reflect SEO metrics. After you add the Growth Bar extension, you may not be able to view statistics automatically. Notice the icon in the upper right corner of the browser. You may need to enter the login and password under which you registered in the application. After that, the icon will become active and you will be able to see statistics.

Then type the keyword into Google. The first thing you’ll see is the keyword complexity for that phrase. This will give you an idea of how difficult it will be to achieve its high ranking in search results.

After searching for a keyword, a section appears in which you can see several other keywords offered by Growth Bar. By default, the Growth Bar shows the fifteen most popular keyword variations for your search query. To view other offers, click the “Learn more” button below the offers field.

This will open the Growth Bar web app on a separate tab, where you’ll be able to see the full list of keyword suggestions for your search query, as well as your monthly search volume and cost-per-click. Optionally, you can save the search result by downloading the CSV file.

The extension is convenient to use for the analysis of competitors’ sites. By entering a query in the search bar and receiving a list of sites on it, you can view each of them:

  • Domain rating and organic traffic statistics – the data is immediately visible.

To get information on keywords, backlinks and other indicators, you need to click on the pros and you will have a small pop-up window. The information is usually limited to a few points, so if you want to know more, click “See more”.

  • What keywords does the website use
  • Competitor backlinks
  • What keywords does a competitor use in contextual advertising?
  • Which domain-related advertising companies are used on Facebook. Great opportunity to spy on your competitors and stay ahead of their marketing campaigns on social networks.

After clicking on the icon, another tab will open in the browser with the information we need. You can select the country where the ad is running, the type of ad, view the text of the ad campaign, and more.

The number of words in the site’s ranking article. This is useful because there is often a correlation between page length and search performance. Knowing how many words in the highest rated article can help you create content that has a similar SEO length.

The cost of the Growth Bar program

The Growth Bar app offers 3 tariff plans:

  • Standart – $ 29 per month (annual payment) or $ 39 per month (monthly payment). You can add 1 website here and track up to 25 keywords;
  • Pro – $ 79 per month (annual payment) or $ 99 per month (monthly payment) – 3 websites, up to 75 keywords;
  • Agency – $ 129 per month (annual payment) or $ 149 per month (monthly payment) – 10 websites and the ability to track rankings of up to 150 keywords.

Each tariff plan has an unlimited number of opportunities for keyword research, backlinks and advertising. You can also take full advantage of the Chrome SEO extension from Growth Bar. Based on your current requirements and budget, you can choose any of the 3 plans mentioned above and test a 5-day free trial of the Growth Bar. In 5 days you will need to switch to the tariff plan of your choice to continue using all the features.

Pros and cons of Growth Bar

The Growth Bar app is very easy to use even for those who have never done SEO optimization before. All you need to do is sign up for an account, activate extensions in your browser, and get started. Of course, like any other tool, the application has its pros and cons.

Плюсы Минусы
Легко использовать Подходит только для более простых проектов SEO
Дешевый тарифный план для начинающих Не отображается оценка сложности ключевых слов
Предоставляет все ключевые данные, необходимые для выполнения простой, но эффективной кампании SEO Нет возможности отследить неработающие ссылки
Расширение Chrome предоставляет уникальный, быстрый и действительно простой способ доступа к данным SEO прямо во время поиска Цены на планы «Pro» и «Agency» немного завышены с учетом предлагаемой функциональности
Нет ограничений на исследование ключевых слов или доменные запросы  
Можно использовать бесплатно в течение 5 дней  

The main advantage of the program is its ease of use and clear functionality. We can say that for SEO-beginners and those who want to promote their business on their own – this is the best option in terms of price / quality.

Growth Bar Support Service

When you subscribe, you will receive a video in the mail, a step-by-step guide to the product, along with the contact details of Hailey, one of the founders.

In the product interface itself, it is not immediately clear where to look for support. The support address is only listed on the homepage of the Growth Bar website, which is not very convenient for users. Even though it is easier to deal with the application, I would like to Growth Bar offered customer support via an artificial intelligence-based chatbot, or at least had some background documentation or a list of frequently asked questions. However, if you have problems or questions about using the program, you can send an email to Hailey Friedman, co-founder of Growth Bar, at hailey@growthmarketingpro.com.

Alternatives to Growth Bar

There are many SEO tools on the market, the most famous of which are probably Ahrefs, Semrush and Moz. All of these tools give you much more functionality than the Growth Bar, but at a much higher price.

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