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How to make money writing texts

Life circumstances sometimes force us to look for decent ways to earn money without the need to leave the house. Thanks to modern technologies, the development of the Internet, every day there are more of them. One of the most popular is copywriting. Let’s see what it is, where to look for customers and how much you can earn per month by writing texts.

What is copywriting and what is it for?

According to common stereotypes, everyone who writes something to order is considered a copywriter. Not really. Like any other profession, copywriting has its own rules for creating texts that must be followed. By dry definition, copywriting is a specialized activity consisting in the preparation and writing of texts that are considered advertising. Texts written by a specialist help promote a business, promote a brand or a company. Today, copywriting occupies an important place in the process of SEO promotion. No matter how thoughtful the process of attracting an audience to the site is, if the resource pages do not have high-quality content that can keep the user’s attention, the money allocated for advertising promotion will be wasted. Therefore, today customers on freelance exchanges are interested in specialists who are able to create competent and interesting texts. Good copywriters are highly valued in the labor market, which makes copywriting not just an additional income, but a very real way to provide for a family.

How did copywriting come about?

On the territory of Ukraine, this type of activity became popular not so long ago, although the emergence of the profession dates back to the distant 1892. Then the agency The NW Ayer and Son (USA, Philadelphia) officially hired a person who creates advertising texts to increase sales. The decision taken by the company’s management gave a positive result, so soon the demand for wordsmiths began to increase. Gradually, copywriting evolved into SEO copywriting and today is one of the most sought-after activities on freelance exchanges.

Types of copywriting

In a broad sense, copywriting is any activity of creating texts to fill the pages of web resources. This can be writing large thematic articles of an informational nature, short product descriptions for online stores, advertising posts for social networks, etc. All the existing variety of products of this type of activity can be divided into several types.

Type Description
Selling This includes the texts of advertisements, articles with non-obvious advertisements for a particular product or service, descriptions of goods/services or categories.
SEO copywriting Requires the use of keywords in the text, thanks to which pages with a description of goods and services will pass search engine filters and be shown to the user
Informational Live, audience-attracting content that can make the user return to the pages of a web resource. Created for blogs, online magazines, etc.
Technical It mainly contains information about science, the environment, nature, finance, politics, etc. The author of such articles needs to dive into the industry as deeply as possible, study and provide links in the material to technical documents, government acts, industry guidelines, works of world-renowned scientists
Creative A good example of creative copywriting is television advertising. To write creative slogans and catchy phrases, a specialist must study the psychology of the target audience well and be able to quickly create creatives
Rewriting It is supposed to create a new text, but based on existing material. The key difference between the work of a copywriter and a rewriter is that the copywriter first studies the topic and writes a completely new text. Rewriter - rewrites the finished article in his own words, achieving a high level of uniqueness. At the same time, it is necessary to preserve the original meaning and message of the original material.

Not all authors can handle all types of texts equally well. Most often, specialists choose one or two types for themselves and develop their skills. If you want to make money by creating text content, determine what you do best.

What knowledge is needed to work as a copywriter

Due to the low threshold of entry into the profession on freelance exchanges, you can observe a huge number of offers from copywriters. However, employers and customers often complain about the lack of qualified professionals who can be trusted to create quality content. Another stereotype is that everyone can make money by copywriting. And again no. If you want to really earn money, and not to survive with penny part-time jobs, you need to:

  • know well the grammar of the language in which you plan to create advertising texts;
  • be able to express thoughts clearly and structured;
  • dive deep into the topic;
  • adhere to the deadlines agreed with the customer.

These are the minimum requirements, the fulfillment of which will allow a person to successfully start in the profession. In addition, it is necessary to regularly replenish vocabulary, read specialized literature and develop your professional skills.

The most popular copywriting exchanges

If you have decided to make money by writing texts, where to look for customers? Today, there are many options for finding customers and selling your services. One of the most obvious are freelancing exchanges. Consider the most popular of them.


The site specializes in text content. The average payment is 20-30 hryvnia per 1000 characters. Among the orders, there can be both more attractive offers with a payment of 80-100 hryvnias for 1000 characters, as well as very simple ones, offering only 15 hryvnias. The service is equipped with filters that make it easy to find orders suitable for different parameters.

In order to get an expensive order, you need to have a high rating, so beginners have to take on easier work and build up a reputation.

In addition to the high level of resource popularity, there are tools that allow you to check the material for errors and determine semantic indicators.


The best option for beginner copywriters, as here you can find simple orders for compiling a portfolio. Of course, this is not a lot of money – new users will have to settle for 12-15 hryvnia for 1000 characters. But, on the other hand, you can fill your hand, practice. If you want to receive better offers, take the literacy test offered by the resource.


The service belongs to closed areas. New users will have to fulfill a number of requirements:

  • provide complete information about yourself in your profile;
  • pass a rather difficult literacy test;
  • fulfill the technical task;
  • pass a test for knowledge of the rules of the resource.

Customers select contractors based on the results of the tender. It’s pretty hard to win, but it’s worth it. After the successful completion of a certain number of tender orders, regular customers appear who can contact the contractor directly.

The prices for copywriting here are quite good. On average – 50-60 UAH per 1000 characters. The service takes 20% of your earnings for its services.


Advego is one of the most famous and oldest copywriting sites. Therefore, here you will have to face a high level of competition and it will not be possible to achieve a high level of earnings soon. Beginners can only count on very cheap orders – 15-20 UAH per 1000 characters.


This service also requires the performer to pass a literacy test and write a test task, adhering to certain requirements. In addition to copywriting tasks, the contractor can carry out orders related to rewriting, posting and liking. On average, the price for copywriting is about 20-30 UAH per 1000 characters.


For beginners registering on this service, only cheap orders are available with a payment of 15-20 UAH per 1000 characters. Be sure to read the terms of reference before taking on an order, since arbitration is very strict about those who first take on work and then refuse. If you want to receive more expensive orders, you can get training from WorkHard.


A service that provides the opportunity to “build a career” in copywriting. Beginners start by completing simple but well-written technical tasks with clear and understandable requirements. This is a good opportunity to practice if you have never written custom texts before. Improving skills, the author grows in the ranking and can receive more profitable orders, respectively, earn more money.


The site positions itself as an intermediary between the parties and undertakes the verification of the performers. A beginner can apply here for 15 UAH for 1000 characters at the start, but for this he will have to pass a test and complete a verification task from the administration. For its services, the service takes 20% of the order amount from the contractor.


To pump well in the profession, you can use this service. To get started, you must pass an entrance test. All texts executed by the author are checked by the editor and a large number of online services. This is a good opportunity to train and pump professional qualities. But a beginner will not be able to earn much here.


If you prefer to write not according to the terms of reference and choose topics yourself, then you are here. On this site, you can sell ready-made text material. A list of the most relevant topics can be found on the website.

8 of the most famous wide-ranging copywriting resources

You can earn not only on narrow-profile sites. There are many resources with many different projects: design, programming, layout, etc. Let’s consider the most popular of them.


The platform contains many projects, including orders for copywriting. When buying a premium account, the author gets access to functions that allow you to select only the most interesting orders, structure your portfolio, etc. Of course, you will have to compete with the old-timers, but if you set a goal and do a good job, you can earn good money.


The resource can be called a kind of showcase for copywriters to sell their services. Contractors have the right to independently set prices and create offers for customers – kworks. The quote indicates the scope of work and cost, lists additional services, the implementation of which involves additional payment. There is a rating system – in order to be placed in favorable positions, it is necessary to fulfill copywriting orders in a quality and timely manner. The resource takes a commission for mediation.


The exchange contains both complex and very simple tasks, for example, you can take audio recordings for transcription, write comments and reviews. For the right to access projects, you must pay a certain amount, plus 10% of the earnings are charged from each completed order from the contractor.


Ukrainian web platform that provides copywriters with the opportunity to fulfill orders for the creation of text content. Purchasing a paid account opens up features such as withdrawing money without commission, creating a unique personal profile and portfolio.


Well known, but far from being the most active exchange. Most projects are designed for long-term cooperation, so experienced specialists feel good there. Users who have paid for the relevant categories can respond to job offers.


A popular search engine has created its own copywriting exchange. Work with orders can be registered users who have provided information about their professional skills and completed projects. The service works according to the usual scheme for similar resources: the customer places an order – the contractors respond – the customer chooses the best offer and gives the technical specification to the contractor. For an additional fee, a copywriter can promote their profile.


The exchange contains many interesting projects, although it can hardly be called popular. Copywriters will find here permanent job offers, attractive options for long-term cooperation, projects with hourly pay. The number of free responses is 100, for more there is a fee.


If you have recently learned that copywriting is the creation of text advertising content for web resources and do not yet know where to start, the Qcomment exchange can offer simple tasks with a small fee. For example, you can write comments, watch videos, put likes.

Register on foreign copywriting exchanges to earn more

Knowledge of foreign languages adds significant advantages to a copywriter and significantly increases the level of earnings. The average cost of an order, for example, in English is 90 UAH per 1000 characters. You can search for projects on such foreign exchanges:

  • Workhard.pro is strictly moderated, each text is checked by a native editor;
  • Freelancer is one of the largest freelance exchanges. You will have to fight for your place in the sun, the competition is quite high;
  • Fiverr is an analogue of the aforementioned Kwork copywriting exchange. Breaking through is quite difficult, but real;
  • Upwork is a large platform with a wide variety of offers. You can get a permanent job and consider offers with hourly pay;
  • Guru will require a good portfolio. But even with him, evaluate your work realistically – high expectations may not come true.

In the modern world, knowledge of English significantly increases the chances of a specialist to become in demand in any field of activity. Copywriting is no exception. The more languages the author knows, the more chances to get a good job with a high level of earnings.

Where else can a copywriter find work

In addition to copywriting exchanges, there are other options where you can find orders for the creation of text content.

  1. Telegram groups are very popular today. Every day the number of channels increases, we offer our top 5, which will help you find a job or an interesting project:
  • “Copywriter, editor”;
  • freelance choice;
  • Work for Writers;
  • “Work in the media”;
  • «VDHL.RU».
  1. Communities in the social network Facebook. Searching for a job through social networks is not a new trend in employment. If earlier this function was successfully performed by LinkedIn, today you can increasingly see resume posts on the Facebook feed. It is worth noting that the social network does an excellent job with this task. Communities and groups are organized for freelancers and customers, where you can successfully find a good project and start cooperation. Most Popular:
  • “Freelance copywriter”;
  • “Let’s write”;
  • “@Need a copywriter”;
  • “The best copywriters of Ukraine”;
  • “Required copywriter: freelance and work in the state”;
  • “Write, edit, think”;
  • “Copywriting for love”;
  • “Effective copywriting”;
  • “Copywriting”;
  • “Jobs for Writers: Vacancies for Copywriters, SMMs, Journalists (Ukraine)”.
  1. HH.ru is a job site where you can find office work with a full-time work schedule. Using the filter, you can find offers with a remote schedule.

7 principles of effective work on copywriting exchanges

Is it possible to successfully make money on copywriting exchanges? Definitely yes. Of course, for this, the author, both beginner and experienced, will have to adhere to several basic principles.

  1. Thoroughly study the site rules. Each resource has its own requirements for the design of responses, for checking ready-made texts, as well as rating systems and penalties for violators.
  2. Write competent responses, avoid platitudes, especially if you are a beginner. Many performers under the description of the task write briefly “ready for work”, which does not help to attract the attention of the customer. A newcomer needs to convince the customer of the exceptional benefits of working with him. Try to make such an offer to the customer, which will encourage him to choose you.
  3. Carefully read the requirements of the terms of reference and do not overestimate your capabilities. It is better to get your hands on cheap but simple texts at the beginning than to immediately take on a complex project, spend a lot of time on it and be left with nothing. Pay attention to the requirements for indicators such as water, uniqueness, nausea. They may be different for different customers. One employer may be satisfied with 85% uniqueness, another needs only 100%, etc.
  4. Get the job done with exceptional quality and on time. A well-written unique text is the reputation of the performer. Avoid grammatical errors, typos, clichés. Respect the deadlines – this is important! If you do not have time, it is better to honestly warn the customer, ask for extra time.
  5. Collect the most successful works in a portfolio. Firstly, it is necessary that the customer can view examples of work. Secondly, if you ever want to find a permanent job in the office, you can attach a portfolio to your resume.
  6. Clarify unclear points in the task before proceeding with the implementation. It is better to ask additional questions to the customer and do a good job than to remain silent, get a bunch of edits and rewrite the work.
  7. Study the customer. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to deal with problem customers while working as a copywriter. On the exchanges, it is possible to leave reviews not only about performers. Do not ignore this section if you see a lot of negative feedback about the customer, think carefully about whether it is worth contacting him.

I want to earn more copywriting: what to do?

When embarking on the path of writing text content, most performers think about how to make copywriting their main source of income. What needs to be done so that copywriting brings not penny earnings, but real money? Listen to the advice of experienced professionals.

  1. Even if you were good at writing essays in school, and then collecting a fairly large audience of posts on Facebook, you need to study regularly. Read specialized literature, listen to webinars, listen and watch various master classes. Even on free webinars, you can learn something useful. Copywriter’s desk book – “Write. Shorten” by Maxim Ilyakhov, start with it.
  2. Explore areas related to copywriting. The modern world is changing very quickly. You can’t learn a profession once and do nothing else – you will quickly roll back. To move forward and earn more, you need to constantly learn, master new opportunities. It is logical for representatives of the copywriting profession to be interested in SEO and SMM promotion, work with Canva graphic editors, be able to compose Title and Description, and comprehend the basics of layout.
  3. Learn how to present yourself to the client. The trouble of many good specialists is the inability to sell themselves. Very often there are situations when a competent, intelligent specialist is interrupted by low earnings against the background of a more successful, but less professional colleague.
  4. Developing professionally, look for ways to make money outside of copywriting exchanges. Freelancing is good, but if you need a stable salary, look for vacancies on job sites. Now there are many worthy offers with a remote work format.
  5. Learn marketing to write sales, catchy copy for your target audience.
  6. Work on your communication skills. Firstly, it is easier for sociable people to make useful contacts, and secondly, such a soft skill as the ability to work in a team is highly valued today.

Copywriter salary and career prospects

How much does a copywriter earn per month? Is it worth starting at all? Statistics of major job search sites says that the average monthly salary of a copywriter in Ukraine is 15,000 hryvnia. It is quite difficult to determine the average income of a freelancer, we dare to assume that it ranges from 15 to 20 thousand hryvnia per month. It must be borne in mind that a freelance copywriter can have good months and “empty” ones. The level of income is directly affected by the professionalism of the author, therefore, in order to increase the level of income, it is necessary to constantly develop.

Что касается карьеры, то благодаря своей целеустремленности, стремлению постигать смежные области копирайтер имеет возможность развиваться в маркетинге, осваивать специальности SEO- и SMM-специалистов. Копирайтинг может стать делом всей жизни и сделать вас востребованным и популярным автором, а может стать первым шагом в карьере цифрового маркетолога. Ваш успех зависит только от вас, дерзайте!

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