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Overview of SEO and PPC service Serpstat

The basis for successful promotion of web resources is a deep and systematic analysis of the current state of the site, competitors and target audience. Based on the information received, an effective strategy can be developed to achieve good results in the shortest possible time. To spend site position analysis, SEO specialists use different tools. Львиная доля работы припадает на инструмент, разработанный компанией Netpeak – Serpstat.

What is serpstat and who is interested in using it

At the very beginning of serpstat was developed and used by Netpeak as an internal SaaS tool. It appeared in 2013 under the name Prodvigator. The product turned out to be so popular that in just a month the project became independent, and two years later it grew into a subsidiary. After gaining independence, the project was actively developed, moved to Western markets and changed its name. Current seo-specialists they know it well under the name Serpstat. It is difficult to imagine that one of the professionals in the field of promoting web resources did not know about this service and did not know how to use it. If you plan to work in Internet marketing, one of the conditions for many employers for employment is knowledge of the service and the ability to work with its key tools.

This tool is actively and professionally used by seo tools., which allows us to make an overview for our readers and give some tips on how to use the service. Using serpstat, analysis of competitors, site positions, keywords and other data is complete and sufficient for the successful promotion of any resource.


Key features in the serpstat service

Украинская платформа для продвижения сайта initially had a lot of interesting features, specializing in the analysis of search results, site semantics and contextual advertising. Today serpstat allows you to conduct a qualitative analysis not only of your site, but also of competing resources.

Specialists of the company seotools note that during its existence the service has acquired additional features. New chips are also useful and interesting from the point of view of a comprehensive analysis of a web resource.

Key features New chips
Internal audit of the Internet resource An extension that allows you to get information about the key indicators of the resource without leaving the browser
Competitor analysis Domain ratings based on the results of advertising and search results
Checking external links Section “Blogs” with a lot of useful information on the topic of SEO-promotion and promotion of resources
Analysis of user queries and keywords, compiling a semantic core Section with examples of projects, which describes real examples of achieving goals through the use of the service
Tracking the positions of the resource we are interested in in the search results Educational webinars, free tutorials, checklists and instructions for business owners, online marketing agencies, SEO, PPC and content professionals
Conducting an audit of the resource for technical optimization Update log


This is not a complete list of all sections and features of this site. There is even a section with information about the salaries of marketing professionals. If you want to make sure you’re getting paid enough, you can go to the Salary Rankings section and check.


What is Serpstat website promotion platform for?

Today, the service has a large number of tools and can be useful not only forSEO specialists. The functions of the service are successfully used by copywriters, viewing analysis of key phrases through serpstat, PPC managers, marketers, etc. The popular Ukrainian website promotion platform has sufficient functionality to carry out the following actions with its help:

  • find out the position of the site in the search results;
  • determine traffic by the position of key queries in the search results;
  • analyze key phrasesthrough serpstat;
  • form the semantic core of a resource;
  • analyze resources competing with you in advertising and search results;
  • find keywords for further work on promotion;
  • conduct text analytics to find the keywords you missed to make it easier for copywriters and content specialists;
  • analyze the relevance of your resource pages for certain queries;
  • analyze external links;
  • conduct an SEO audit of the entire web resource or its individual pages.

The functional diversity of the service allows you to completely cover most of the needs for analytical data.

In addition to the main set of functions, you can use tools such as domain comparison, competitor analysis in one package, and sitemap development.


We conduct competitor analysis through serpstat

As a tool to promote the Serpstat website performs a lot of necessary work, allowing you to optimize many processes for collecting and analyzing data. One of the most important steps in the process is to study competitors, their strengths and weaknesses. With a tool like serpstat, analysis of competitors performed quite quickly and easily. The list of competing resources is determined by finding sites that are promoted for similar or similar keywords.

How to search for competitors through serpstat

The main advantage of working with the service is the automation of all processes. To find competitors on the Web with your site, just follow a few simple steps. Company specialists seotools talk about several basic ways to find competitors using Serpstat tools.

  • Enter the URL of the resource whose competitors you want to find in the search bar and click the “Find” button.

Literally in a second, a summary report will appear on the screen, where a separate block will indicate a list of the main competitors with the following data for each: the number of keys, relevance and visibility. Users can edit the list offered by the service by deleting or adding resources. For example, it makes no sense for a small household appliances store to analyze the site rozetka.ua as a competitor. But the regional sites of stores from your region should be added, since they are direct competitors.

  • You can find competitors by entering a key phrasee.g. “buy a sofa”. Select the search engine through which the analysis will be performed and click the “Find” button.

These are the two main ways, using which you can quickly display the main competitors in the table and get key indicators for them. Such the ability to make a SEO audit of a site in the context of competitors is necessary for all types of businesses and is widely used by marketers from different companies.


Keyword analysis with serpstat

The service from its very inception provides an opportunity to make an SEO audit of the site according to different parameters. We have already talked about competitor analysis. Another, no less important step in preparing for the development of a marketing promotion strategy is the formation of a semantic core for your resource.

To form a high-quality core, it is necessary to analyze key phrases through serpstat, determine their frequency for each region. If you are already registered with the service, just enter one of the key phrases in the search bar. Next, you will receive a summary report with the following sections:

  • selection of phrases;
  • similar phrases;
  • search hints;
  • search questions;
  • leader pages;
  • competitors.

By going through the menu items on the left side of the page, you can view and analyze the received data in more detail. In a word, you only need to enter one phrase and the website promotion platform will do all the work for you.

Selection of key phrases

In order not to rack your brains for a long time and not to invent which keys to use for the text content of the pages, just enter one phrase and the service will display at least 10 search query options. You can sort them by difficulty, frequency, cost and competition in PPC.

Similar phrases

In this section, the user will receive advanced options for the main key.

Search hints and search questions

Often the search engine gives hints to the user when he enters his query into the search box. They should also be used when working with content generation. We also remember the questions that users write when they are looking for a particular product on the Internet.

In terms of selecting keys to promote the site, Serpstat is an indispensable tool.

Leading pages and competitors

Of course, you can’t do without studying competitors and serpstat also succeeded in this matter. By entering only one phrase in the search bar, the user receives information about which sites and pages use it in their texts, which of them are leaders in the search results ranking.

We select keywords for different purposes

By analyzing key phrases, you can see a summary report with the following data:

  • keywords for SEO;
  • keywords for PPC.

the service also provides a trend chart for the keyword you entered.

Link profile analysis with serpstat

It is known that the external optimization of the site is no less important than the internal one. The main component of external optimization is the formation of a link profile. It consists of links that lead to resource pages from third-party sources. The mass of external links is one of the main ranking factors and has a positive impact on the place of the resource in the search results. Webmaster or An SEO optimizer should regularly monitor new and existing links in order to get rid of irrelevant links in time and prevent overspam.


For existing sites, it is rational toanalyze the link profile using serpstat, since the service has a module specially provided for this. The tool provides the ability to:

  • timely detect and evaluate new reference sites;
  • analyze links of competitors from the top and their anchor lists;
  • analyze the quality and naturalness of links;
  • control the dynamics of increasing the number of links.

All this can be done using the Serpstat service. In addition, the owner company has more than one trillion backlinks that can be purchased for an adequate fee. By contacting serpstat, you can get a discount coupon for ordering a complex service.

Why do you need to monitor the positions of serpstat

Among the many functionalities of the service serpstat “Position monitoring” should be singled out separately. Thanks to this section, the process of monitoring how the site is moving in search results through key phrases is greatly simplified. To start monitoring serpstat positions, you need to do the following:

  • create a project;
  • designate regional positions;
  • specify the search results base;
  • prescribe key phrases for monitoring. As a rule, the service offers its own list of keywords that, in its opinion, are the most suitable for a particular resource.

Promotion specialists can check the relevance of the positions of any resource in all Google and Yandex regions. The service is equipped with a unique filter system, thanks to which you can receive information regarding changes in the positions of both individual pages and their groups. In addition, there is the possibility:

  • track changes in the positions of competitors;
  • find out what is the source of traffic;
  • assess the potential of your resource;
  • compare your positions with the positions of competing resources and find new ways to move to the top of search engines.

This section is not available in the free version, you can use it only in one of the paid versions. In order to find out what features and at what cost will be available in serpstat, view the existing tariffs on the official website of the service.

Analysis of site positions using the Serpstat service

The service is a fairly powerful tool that provides tremendous assistance to promotion specialists in their daily work. In addition to the fact that you can regularly carry out position monitoring, serpstat provides ample opportunities for evaluating different data. To do this, on the main page, you must enter the domain name of the site that you plan to assign to the study. For example, weather.com. After a few seconds, you can view the result of data processing by the service with analysis:

  • pages;
  • keywords and search queries;
  • resource visibility.

In addition, the analysis of site positions includes the ability to view backlinks. And also the interested person can find out which pages of the resource are the most promoted. In a word, for Serpstat website promotion is an ideal tool, which is why it is popular among SEO professionals. Далее мы рассмотрим ряд инструментов, которые входят в сервис, подробнее.

The ability to do a SEO audit of the site using Serpstat

The main value of this service is that it provides an opportunity to make an SEO audit of the site. without resorting to additional services. Almost all the necessary information with the analysis of the received data can be obtained by a promotion specialist through serpstat: analysis of competitors, position monitoring, link profile analysis, keyword analysis, etc.

Working with any resource begins with collecting information about its current state. Such information is the starting point of progress and helps to identify weaknesses that require more effort to work on. The audit function provides an opportunity to deeply analyze your site and get data on the crawling depth, the number of pages, and detect errors that hinder promotion. Studio seo tools Serpstatis also used for:

  • determining the server response time;
  • search for empty links and non-existent pages;
  • checking for an SSL certificate and an HTTPS version of the resource;
  • detection of errors in layout and code, etc.

The audit function is not available in the free version of the service. You will have to pay one of the tariff packages to use it.

Site audit sections in Serpstat

This function is quite voluminous, since the audit includes information about various parameters of your site. We propose to consider what data can be obtained from its different sections.

Chapter What can you find out
Response codes This section contains information about pages that, for one reason or another, load poorly or do not load at all. The data is presented as the name of the error and a link to the page with the error.
Meta tags The service checks the Title, Description and gives its opinion on them along with links to the relevant pages
Titles From this section, you can know where the sequence of headers is broken or they are missing as such
Redirects Shows information about the page to which the links lead, the number of pages and redirect codes
Indexing Here you can check the site for the presence of closed pages for indexing, “canonical” tag errors and media elements.
Links This section provides data on the number of external links for each individual page of the resource
Server Settings Information about the presence of technical errors, for example, the absence of an ssl certificate
Loading time How long does it take for pages to load?


As we have already said, this Serpstat service tool is available only in a paid version. To choose the right package for yourself, you need to go to the page Serpstat tariffs and read their description.

Service for website promotion Serpstat: additional features

Since its inception, the service has been constantly developing and today you can not only analyze the link profile using serpstat or analyze resource positions. In addition to the extensive functionality of Serpstat for SEO analytics, the resource has an excellent service. For example:

  • in the “Blogs” section, new articles and studies on the topic of information technology regularly appear, which will be of interest not only to SEOs, but also to ordinary people who are interested in new directions;
  • to work with the service, you do not need to undergo special training – everything is in the knowledge base of the site and the FAQ section. In addition, new videos about working with different tools are regularly released on the YouTube channel. You can easily learn how to use the service in your work and perform even the most complex tasks on your own. site position analysis;
  • round-the-clock technical support quickly provides answers to user requests and helps to solve emerging problems;
  • all reports can be converted to a format acceptable to you;
  • many options are accompanied by brief descriptions and instructions;
  • The range of Serpstat tools is constantly expanding, and programmers regularly add new features for promotion and digital marketing specialists.

Solving the tasks set for promotion with Serpstat

After reviewing the main Serpstat tools you can determine how this service can cope with the tasks assigned to it. We can say that this is a necessary and useful service that allows specialists to use it to obtain information:

  • about resources competing for top positions in search results. And also get all the necessary data about them and conduct a comparative analysis;
  • about the semantic core of competing sites;
  • about the best options for search queries and key phrases for working with the content of your resource;
  • about the relevant market segment and popular trends in it;
  • about content that generates traffic;
  • about ways of possible technical optimization of your site, etc.

The service cannot be called a universal solution to all problems associated with website promotion. However, it has a lot of functionality that is given to the user immediately and for free. The service is fast, convenient, and easy to use even for beginners.

A variety of tariff plans and the opportunity to get a Serpstat discount coupon to make the service accessible to businesses of any size. It can be used free of charge by owners of one-pagers and can be purchased for a small monthly fee by companies that own large Internet resources.


What are Serpstat’s tariffs

The service can be used free of charge; for a simple analysis of small sites, a limited number of functions may be quite enough. However, if you want to use the service professionally, work with a team and do things like Serpstat position monitoring, you will have to use one of the tariff packages.

Tariff plan Cost, $ per month Description
Lite 48 Ideal for freelancers, entrepreneurs and small companies. Includes a set of 30 analysis tools
Standard 104 Used by marketing agencies, can be used by a team of 3 users, allows you to create branded reports
Advanced 209 Suitable for large marketing agencies and in-house teams. 5 people can work with the service at the same time
Enterprise 349 Tariff package for professionals, large companies, 7 users can work simultaneously

More detailed information about each tariff package can be found on the official website of the product. The corresponding page contains detailed information about the capabilities of each tariff plan.

The development company is very loyal to users who want to use its product. Therefore, anyone can get serpstat discount coupon, subject to certain conditions.

How to get a discount coupon from serpstat

Ifserpstat rates seem high to you and you want to perform the service at a lower price, you can get a discount coupon. This can be done in several ways.

  1. Through a referral program. Partners of the developer company can earn about 30% of all fees of users who have registered using the referral link. You get bonuses for all referrals who made a payment for using the service. Received bonuses can be calculated for your tariff plan. You, as a referral partner, are provided with all promotional materials, landing pages, and managerial support. Your audience also receives bonuses in the form of test access and discounts.
  2. Discount for long-term use. When paying for a period of 3 months, you can get a discount from 5 to 20%, depending on the number of months.
  3. Take advantage of a special program for educational centers. Universities, Internet marketing courses, educational centers, etc. can count on free access to the Serpstat service for the period of student study. This program also provides support from the company through Customer Success.
  4. affiliate program for bloggers and opinion leaders. If you have your own large social media audience associated with online promotion and digital marketing, you can become a brand ambassador. What does it give you? In exchange for publications describing your experience of using the service, you can get the manager’s support in the process of preparing the material, a referral link, promotional codes, personal discounts for your audience, and free access.

Thus, using one of the options for cooperation with the company, you can not only analyze the link profile using serpstat for free, but also earn money on its use.

Seotools experience in niche analysis and launching a new service

Serpstat service is widely used by SEO Tools in daily work with client sites. Therefore, we know this tool well from the inside, we have studied and applied its capabilities to promote various resources. An example of the use of this service by a company seotools can be called the release of a new service to the market by one of the clients. Among the initial stages of this process was the development of a strategy for promoting the service. Using the Serpstat service, we conducted a basic analysis and determined:

  • a list of prevailing requests on the selected topic;
  • list of main competitors.

Based on the information received, a development strategy was built. In the process of work, the following actions were performed:

  • an assessment of the state and positioning of competitors in the selected niche;
  • calculated indicators for visibility, traffic, etc.

As a result, we got a clear picture of the current state of the market and determined the vectors for promoting our product at least to the level of competitors. A comprehensive audit conducted with the help of the Serpstat service allowed us to identify the key features of the niche and identify the main competitors, and create an effective SEO promotion strategy.

Instructions for monitoring site positions from seo tools

If you decide to purchase one of the paid positions monitoring packages, check out the recommendations for working with the section from seo tools to get the most out of it.

We want to note right away that if you are already tracking the positions of your resource in another service, then you can simply transfer your projects to Serpstat. How to do this – the technical support of the service will tell you. It is enough to write them a letter with the corresponding request. We checked it works. Why is it profitable to work with position monitoring in Serpstat? Tracking positions is much easier and faster, it is possible to import keywords, dividing them into groups depending on the topic. You can also monitor the positions of competitors using the same keys.

Create a new project

You can do this in several ways:

  • through the main page. To do this, you need to enter the domain in the search bar and press the “Search” and “Track domain” buttons in turn;
  • through the summary report and the “Start position monitoring” button. As a result, you will see a window in which you can enter the name of the project, and then confirm its creation;
  • through the project board, on which the “Track Positions” button is located. you can also create a new project through the gear icon in the upper right corner of the dashboard.


Setting up the project

Just creating a new task for the service is not enough, you need to make the appropriate settings. Then you can count on a full and reliable result.

  • General settings determine how the tracking will be carried out, resource mirrors, and competing pages are registered. If at this moment you do not have information about competitors, you can also find them using the resource through the “Site Analysis” section. Also, in general settings, it is prescribed how often it is necessary to perform monitoring: daily, once a week, or on certain days of the month.
  • Search regions will require you to specify which search engine will be analyzed. Depending on which system you choose, the set of available countries and cities will depend.

In addition to choosing a search region, the service also offers to select the type of issue. Paid search results are analyzed separately from organic search results.

Adding keywords

Before submitting your project for monitoring, you need to add keywords to it. Keys must meet the following requirements:

  • be at least 35 characters;
  • Key phrases should not contain more than 7 words.

You can add keywords and phrases manually, use the list provided by the service, or import them from your own file.

Phrases are added to the project with the target URL and tags. For small projects, it is not necessary to write tags, but when working with large resources, it is necessary to write tags, otherwise, the reliability of the results will be doubtful.

After all the settings are made, the site is immediately sent for monitoring. But the next check will be carried out according to the schedule you set.

Position monitoring reports

Based on the results of the Serpstat service, the user receives such reports.

  1. All about keywords, phrases, and their positions. You can see which ratings have increased and which, on the contrary, have fallen, which have remained unchanged, which phrases have made it to the top, and which ones have left it. In addition, you can view various graphs, filtering information according to different parameters, depending on your needs. This report provides information about the place of the resource in the search results, taking into account key phrases. You can select a report for one day and find out how the resource location changed during the day. Or set a specific period and view a report on it.
  2. All about competitors. This report provides information on changing the position of the
  3. ranking resources, traffic distribution, and keywords they use. You can choose the number of domains you need, but remember that to analyze more than a hundred sites, you should use the API.
  4. The page report determines how much the link you are interested in matches the one displayed in the search results.

Thus, the service allows you to get all the necessary information about your resource and competitors in order to build an effective promotion strategy based on the data received.

Why Seo tools recommend using Serpstat for link analysis

One of the leading SEO ranking factors is the presence of backlinks. Experts seo tools believe that in the process of link analysis it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the data obtained for analysis. Here are some tips from our experts:

  • check the number of domains to determine which links are cross-cutting;
  • study how the amount of link mass changes. It is good when there is a smooth positive dynamics without sharp jumps in plus or minus;
  • compare the dynamics of the link mass of your resource with competitors.

Serpstat is ideal for all these tasks. In addition to the usual reports on incoming and outgoing links, anchors, referring and outgoing domains, and leader pages, which are typical for many services, the service has a number of unique tools. Thanks to them, you can get information about link re-crawling, donor crossing, redirecting, and malicious domains.

Link Recrawl

Use this tool if you need to check purchased SDR links. Such a check will help to exclude, in which cases, with negative consequences.

Donor Crossing

With this tool, you can check several domains in parallel. As a result, it is possible to obtain information about which donors are common and which are unique for each of the analyzed resources.

Domain redirect

If you want to find out which of your competitors is buying drops in order to stick them to your resource, use this tool.

Malicious domains

This tool provides information about questionable resources that submitted a link to your site. If you have just stepped onto the path of working in the field of Internet marketing and SEO promotion, you cannot do without a good tool for conducting various kinds of analysis. Serpstat is a unique and multifaceted service that provides many opportunities for collecting data and building reports based on it. Proper use of all its features will provide you with all the necessary information that you need to develop an effective marketing strategy to promote your resource. And if in the course of work, you have any questions about the capabilities and operation of the service, you can always contact technical support. a big plus for the Serpstat team for the fact that technical support is available not only to users of a paid subscription.

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