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How to get backlinks from Wikipedia

Backlinks play a big role in website seo promotion. They inform search engine robots that the page contains useful information for Internet users. With SEO tools let’s consider the main tasks that backlinks solve, and understand the ways to get them.

The importance of backlinks for a website’s reputation

The work of search engine robots is based on regular crawling of website content. Search engines seek to determine the subject matter of resources for a more accurate response in the formation of search results in response to user queries. On this basis, each site receives its own assessment of usefulness and effectiveness.

Those websites that have earned a high trust rating from search algorithms become authoritative resources in the Internet space. Such a site can place a link to a not yet promoted resource. The latter automatically increases its score on the part of the search engine. The importance of backlinks is that they return the visitor to the original source of information. Thus, users get access to the original source.

Platform owners are eager to get backlinks from Wikipedia and other authoritative sites. They are even willing to pay for backlink building. That is why backlinks are so important. Their number forms the link mass, positively affect the ranking of the site..

How the links to the site are useful

The promotion of a new site should begin with the filling of useful content. Users will be interested in the research conducted, current news, articles about products. If the content is useful, visitors are sure to share the publication. They will leave links on their pages in social networks, blogs.

At the same time, the site for reposting has its own history and reputation. Search bots, having scanned the resource, will notice the links to your site, which confirms the importance of backlinks. Their presence means that the resource is of interest to the Internet audience..

Let’s identify three important functions that backlinks unique links perform:

  • indicate trust on the part of authoritative online resources. As a consequence, page ranking indicators improve
  • backlinks are taken into account by search algorithms, due to them pages get into the thematic output faster
  • External links to the site work to attract users coming from other sites. This way traffic is noticeably increased

How to get reliable external links to your site

Sites and backlinks received differ in their quality. It is worth paying attention to the sites that will link to you. Seo Tuls advises: pay careful attention to the choice of an affiliate site. Then it will be possible to get more natural and unique links. Such backlinks that meet the following criteria are of high value.


Websites with similar themes are usedFor a site on IT and seo topics, it will be useful to have everlasting linksfrom online IT-related magazines such as seotools.
The resource is credibleSites that are not seen in fraudulent schemes and spam create the conditions for eternal links.
Project credibilityThe donor site has its own rather voluminous link mass.

How much influence backlinks from Wiki have on promotion

Wikipedia encyclopedia is an interesting and demanded resource by users. It is quite attractive from the point of view of SEO promotion. It is a massive, well-developed site. It has great influence in the online environment as a web project and a source of factual information. Getting backlinks from Wikipedia is an indicator of the site’s high authority on the web.get backlinks from Wikipedia 1

The encyclopedia has gained the position of a dominant source of information during its existence. The project is available in almost all languages of the world. Access to editing information remains open to anyone who wishes. That is why editing Wikipedia to put a backlink. is in such demand.

Wikipedia is actively used as a source of backlinks. However, many webmasters do not bet on the encyclopedia when the task is to promote the site. This is due to the fact that Wikipedia allows anyone to edit materials.

It is hard to say how much a backlink from Wikipedia helps to gain credibility. One should always keep in mind  trustworthiness. Any user can freely add a backlink to themselves. It will not always be the owner of the site it leads to.

What good are links from Wikipedia

Wikipedia appears on the top of the results for almost any search query. The main purpose of the encyclopedia is to provide quality information of interest to users all over the world. The most popular virtual encyclopedia is highly visited. Therefore, external backlinks from Wiki to other sites are very authoritative.

The only inconvenience is that external links obtained through Wikipedia receive the “nofollow” attribute. According to Google’s policy, links with this attribute cannot pass PageRank. Therefore, their anchor will not receive meaningful weight. Still, you should not give up on backlinks from Wiki.

Wiki links affect a large number of important metrics. Namely, on trust and link assortment leading to your site. Therefore, even backlinks from Wikipedia with the nofollow attribute are quite useful for SEO promotion. Seo tools recommends getting links from Wikis,  they are worth the effort.

What is the usefulness of links from Wikipediain practice?”

  1. First and foremost is traffic.
  2. A link from a site that everyone knows won’t be superfluous. Wikipedia is one of the most authoritative sites. Wiki is mentioned by a huge number of Internet projects.
  3. Any backlink coming from a well-known site affects the reputation of search engines. Site owners are eager to get a couple of backlinks from Wikipedia.
  4. Having a nofollow link is highly desirable. Plus, it is completely free. Sometimes they are bought on purpose.
  5. This type of site link prohibits subscription and does not convey any link weight. But having closed links has long been a normal occurrence.
  6. Closed does not mean useless. The response of search engines to them is in practice even higher than to hundreds or thousands of exchange ones.

How to add your own links to Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a great site for linkbuilding. Articles published on it can include Wiki backlinks to the site. But will they help improve search engine positions? Do they work? And if they are placed in several separate articles, will they have an impact on ranking? What’s the use of Wikipedia links anyway?add links to Wikipedia

Although links from Wikis have nofollow attributes, search engines evaluate their presence. The page is determined to be relevant and authoritative. Of course, it is useful for promotion. The site will receive additional traffic due to the increased number of clicks.

The task is not just to understand how to make a link, but to motivate users to click on it. Seo Tools reminds us that texts should be useful and informative in order to have a positive impact on the site.

Getting an external link to a site from Wikipedia is not easy. But it is certainly worth trying to do it. Seotools recommends keeping the following points in mind.


Good reputation of the profile in the encyclopediaThis means you should contribute to improving the Wiki. Editing, editing, and adding to articles increases the reputation of the profile for moderators. If you think how to add your own links to Wikipediathe moderators will have fewer questions for you.
Usefulness of informationClicking on the link should lead to a quality page with content that is useful to users. It should be as consistent as possible with the topic of the article.
Proper designBefore adding your own links to Wikipedia, familiarize yourself with the markup rules.
No more than one referenceThere should be only one link to the site in the publication.

Creating and preparing a Wikipedia account

The Wiki allows you to create and edit content without registering. But you must create an account in accordance with the Conflict of Interest Policy. When creating an account, avoid using a name that is identical to your company or brand. This is considered advertising and is therefore prohibited. Use a unique username.

The next step is to demonstrate your connection to the topic of the publication. The platform’s terms of use require you to disclose any existing relationships involving financial interests. If editors determine that you have concealed your relationship with a company or brand, they may issue a warning. In the worst case scenario, your account will be blocked.

All this means that a conflict of interest cannot be resolved by simply handing over your work to a contractor. After all, he has the same financial interest in performing it.

Follow a clear working algorithm for creating and preparing a Wikipedia account:

  • create an account
  • Specify the nature of the connection with the company or brand you are going to write about
  • and send a request to create an article. Briefly describe the activities of your company and your involvement in it. Add links to independent sources that mention it.

Based on the sequence of steps, creating and preparing a Wikipedia account will go smoothly. If the application is approved, proceed to publish the draft.

How to get unique links by publishing material about your company

The first requirement for the materials placed on the pages of the encyclopedia is their uniqueness and usefulness. Do not forget that this is a reference and information project, not a marketing platform. Create an article in the most neutral style – without emphasizing the advantages of the company and the disadvantages of competitors.get unique links for wikipedia

Creating and preparing a Wikipedia account should follow the following guidelines:

  • Be prepared for outside criticism

When you create a new page, it is not published immediately. First, you need to make a draft, then offer it for review. Be prepared that criticism and recommendations from other users may appear on the discussion page.

  • Transparency in your actions is encouraged

If you are interested in posting in any way, you should not hide it. You may be a contractor, an employee of the company, an executive, or an investor. Indicate this on your user page. Add links to accounts of resources where information about the organization is posted. All information about the persons paying for the publication must be disclosed.


  • Estimating the likelihood of publication

Evaluate whether the company deserves a separate page on the Wiki. The popularity and prominence of the company is not as important here. The main criterion is whether there is interest from reputable secondary sources. These have special requirements. Sources, such as SEO tools blogs, should contain independent analysis or exclusive opinions. Marketing materials (PR, links to company blogs, press releases, pages in social networks) will not work.

    • Analysis of references to the company from different sources

Try to find any references to the company from public sources. This will be an excellent argument for why you should publish the material in Wikipedia. If there are no such references, don’t waste your time talking to the editors of the encyclopedia. It is better to focus on PR strategy.

Editing “Wikipedia” to put in a backlink

There is no way to quickly get backlinks from Wiki, it will take patience. Let’s look at some ways to get backlinks from Wikipedia.

The need to get a quality backlink in every case puts the site owner in front of a choice. Decide what you are willing to give on your part in exchange for a hyperlink from a reputable site.

  • The first step is to join the project as an author or editor. Starting to edit Wikipedia to put a backlink is a great idea.
  • Then you should prepare for the long work of editing existing encyclopedic content. The wiki welcomes help to keep articles up to date. Editing Wikipedia to backlink will be of mutual benefit to you and the project.
  • There is no point in editing material just for the sake of editing. All corrections must be accurate. If you make inaccurate information, you will be removed as editor.
  • Keep in mind that other editors are watching your work. If you arouse their suspicion, you risk being suspended.
  • Work with those articles where there is an opportunity to add as much clarifying information as possible.
  • Check-in detail the data you will be entering on the page. Make sure that it is true, and that the source is reliable.
  • When publishing specific information, it is acceptable to cite credible sources of information, such as a link to SEO tools.

How to get backlinks from Wikipedia

Only after you have established a solid reputation as an editor or author of the Wiki can you add links. At this stage, it is acceptable to link to pages related to your activities.

  • Provide a reason that explains the usefulness of the link you provided.
  • Post only relevant links. Otherwise, other editors will remove them.
  • Spamming Wiki links is undesirable, and can sometimes be harmful. Try to use them in reasonable amounts.

Despite the work you have done, you should not stop. Keep on searching for suitable content related to your business topic and follow the recommendations of SEO tools. The benefits of Wikipedia links are undeniable. However, make a rough plan to add new sources. Follow it gradually.

What is the promotional value of backlinks from Wikipedia

Wikipedia is highly valuable and has the ability to positively influence a website. All of this is true, but only if you follow the right strategy. Links from Wiki may not lead to an increase in the position of the site. However, they do make the reputation of the project more advantageous. The influence of linkless backlinks increases if they refer to the source of information cited in the encyclopedia article.backlinks from Wikipedia

Seo Tools recommends to actively using this promotion tool by creating your own pages in the Wikipedia project. You can and should use all the tools of the encyclopedia. Create a page dedicated to the company. Tell about the history of the business, and its development. Specify the data of the head, add a few photos and a sufficient number of quotes. Above we looked at how to add your own link to Wikipedia.

A comprehensive approach to business promotion can find a positive response among readers and subsequently potential customers.

Why you need to trim the link

Short links are used mainly for the following reasons:

  • link trimming allows links to take up less space where space for them is limited
  • reduction services have functionality that allows you to view useful statistics (the number of clicks to the site, audience characteristics)

The trim will be useful for fast-forwarding. It is also useful to shorten it in order to get click-through statistics. And, of course, link trimming is done when you need to hide affiliate tags..

How to make links short

Generating a short link is quite simple. Use a suitable service where you need to put the link for conversion. Depending on the compression tool you use, you can get additional features:

  • View statistics of transitions, including by narrow indicators (gender, age, location)
  • change the URL as desired
  • bulk link trimming
  • create a beautiful address by connecting your own domain

How to get eternal links from Wikipedia without creating a separate page

There are several ways to get mentions of your company or a link from the Wiki. You don’t always need to create your own page.

First, search Wikipedia for the name of the brand or company. You may find that the name has been mentioned by someone before. Then you can add your own Wikipedia link to existing material.

If there are no mentions in the encyclopedia, informative materials should be published on other sites, such as seo tools. The PR campaign should focus on using influential sites that are not directly related to the brand. If Wikipedia editors find a link between the company mentioned in the material and the site that posted it, the source will be excluded.

Among the recommendations on how to make links without creating a page you can find this. Start a page with a stub. This step will mean that you in no way seek to strengthen the visibility of your brand in the network. This is a kind of incentive for other users of the encyclopedia to expand the page, to supplement it with valuable content.

When using this method, keep in mind that you should not use a username similar to the brand you are promoting. Also, try to work through proxy servers to limit the tracking of the IP address from which the page is edited.

Having a stub will encourage Wikipedia users to fill it out. Thus, multiple user participation is a great way to develop a page. But in any option, it is important to have an external link to confirm the source of your material.


If you manage to get a foothold in the wiki after applying these tips, keep watching the discussion page. Here you will be able to work on your comments and get support from the moderators. Thus, you have a real opportunity to get perpetual links.


How do you get backlinks?

To do this, follow two simple steps:

  1. Write useful and quality material for Wikipedia. How to make links useful? Make sure you have something to link to. Editors keep track of any changes made to the article. If a link is rejected, your profile will be checked more thoroughly from here on out.
  2. Work to improve existing articles on the Wiki. By adding links and contributing new data, you bring value to the platform. If you have only one goal – external links to the site – you will not have the expected effect. Work on improving the content is positively evaluated by moderators and the link will be passed for publication.

How do I get a link from Wikipedia?

You can get unique links from Wikipedia by becoming its trusted editor. It’s a long road. It will require patience and a desire to improve the quality of articles in the electronic encyclopedia. Any changes to the texts of the articles should be for the benefit of the readers.

How do you find backlinks to a website?

Use special services to check backlinks. With the help of verification tools, you will determine which sites link to you and which sites link to you. Checking is necessary to identify low-quality sites that worsen your ranking.

What is backlinks info?

Backlinks are such links to the site, a click on which will redirect the visitor to another resource. The presence of backlinks from authoritative sources increases the rating of the site. This improves the reputation of the project for search engines.

What is a Wikipedia link?

A hyperlink is a piece of text on a website that links to Wikipedia. In other words, it is an address from a given area of an HTML document. By clicking on it, you can jump from the current page to the Wiki.

What does a link to Wikipedia look like?

The link can take the form of text or an image. Using links to the site“Wikipedia”, you can redirect users from your site to the electronic encyclopedia. A hyperlink is easy to identify visually. As a rule, it is highlighted in color and bolder font. And when you hover over it with the cursor in the left corner at the bottom of the browser page, the address it goes to appears.

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