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Writing texts using the Jasper service (Jasper)

If your main job is writing texts for money, you need to know about a new service on the copywriting market – Jasper.ai. What is it, how does the service work, what tools does it include, and can a modern copywriter make his life easier with it? We will talk about all this in our review.

What is the jasper service?

People whose daily activity is writing texts for social networks and sites, emails, articles, and even books will definitely appreciate this product. Created by a company of friends, marketers, and entrepreneurs, the service is designed to make life easier for the modern copywriter. With the tools of the Jasper AI service, writers and marketers can write articles on any topic and number of characters faster.

сервис для копирайтеров джасперToday, writing texts is not as easy a job as someone who is not privy to the process might imagine. An article on an Internet news site, a description of a product category, a post on a social network, or a product review all have to meet certain requirements.

  • Uniqueness. It is quite difficult to create a 100% unique text product in today’s realities. Of course, not always a customer requires a hundred percent, but even at 95% will have to dig through many sources on a given topic.
  • Overpopulation. The time when the text could just put a large number of keywords that he was guaranteed to fall on the first page of the search results, it is long past. Written must be readable for the user and comply with the requirements of search robots. For a large number of keys, they can impose sanctions.
  • Water content. Even if the article ordered by a copywriter should be for a large number of characters, it should be in essence, without unnecessary pronouns.

To make a post, article, or review fit the criteria, you will have to sweat. However, it becomes easier to accomplish the task if you use artificial intelligence to write texts. This is what the creators of the service once decided and now they call Jasper a tool that may completely replace the work of modern copywriters in the future. Is this really the case?

Creating content for the site using artificial intelligence – myth or reality?

When researching how much it costs to write texts for a website, you can see a wide range of prices for ready-made content for websites and social networks. In the crisis, almost everyone from students to retirees is taking up the pen, hoping for easy earnings. Exchanges of freelancers are filled with proposals with different prices. For people for whom copywriting has been their main source of income for many years, it’s not easy because of price dumping, and here comes a product that threatens to take away their source of income altogether. Should you be worried or, on the contrary, should you be happy because your work will become easier? If you believe the authors who managed to work with Jasper, you can create content for your site, articles for blogs, and posts for social networks really faster with its help. The product is definitely worth using if you need to achieve a number of specific goals. For example, to increase the user’s push to subscribe via email, to attract new customers, or to improve a blog’s ranking. However, you can’t put your job entirely on artificial intelligence. What tasks Jasper solves, what it can do, and how to work with it – read in our review.

How to get started with Jasper

Start by going to the home page of https://jarvis.ai?fpr=alex92 . Here you can read information about the software, and read feedback from people who use this tool in the process of writing texts for websites, posts on social networks, or describing videos on YouTube.

Press the start button and go to the page for creating your profile. You can use your Google account to register. 

сервис для копирайтеров джаспер 2Next, Jasper will ask how the user plans to use the service. This does not mean that only this type of content can be created in the future. The user can change the template for the content at any time.джарвис сервис для копирайтеров

After you confirm that you are not a robot, the resource sends you to a page with pricing plans. We will talk about the tariff plans later in our review, if you are not sure that you want to use the service in operation, you can use the free trial version, which is given for 5 days. After checking the card for payment capabilities, you will have access to the resource and can use all the features of the service. Remember that after five free days, a month of use will begin, for which you will be charged the amount corresponding to the selected tariff plan.

How Jasper helps you create text content

Generating textual content with artificial intelligence without much effort sounds too good and seems fantastic for people who are used to spending a lot of time creating various kinds of publications. Today’s reality is made possible by the latest advances in information technology. Jasper AI uses GPT-3 technology, the third generation of the generative pre-trained transformer. In simple words, the content for PBN and other publications is created thanks to a machine learning model that uses neural networks.

A simplified workflow looks like this. The operator gives the service the initial text, “goat”, on the basis of which the GPT-3 technology from OpenAI creates a voluminous and complex autotext. How is this possible? The fact that the neural network has a large number of machine learning parameters, makes it a world-class AI system. Before the GPT-3, the leader in this segment was the Turing NLG, which had ten billion different parameters. GPT-3 has more than 175 billion language parameters, thanks to which the copywriting for websites becomes easier if you use the service correctly.

сервис для копирайтеров джаспер 1

When it is appropriate to use AI-assisted writing

    The use of artificial intelligence for copywriters today can be useful both for specialists in this field and for owners of various resources. It is not possible to completely transfer the work to the service jasper at the moment because the tool does not yet have the ability to function fully automatically. However, the ability to work with the product can be very useful, taking the time to check the resulting facts and modify the generated content.сервис для копирайтеров джарвис фото

Does it always make sense to use a service?

Most of the work is creative, requiring the author to be deeply immersed in the subject matter on which the text content is prepared. Jarvis will help to handle the work more effectively, if necessary:

  • Create new content quickly. Jasper can do half the work of a copywriter. You’ll agree that this makes it much faster to get a finished result;
  • Break the creative block. Every writer has periods when he or she “can’t write. There may be no inspiration, but the work must be done because the customer is waiting, and the deadline is burning. In this case, you can generate a text with Jasper, then refine it, improve it, and get unique content;
  • save time on finding information and materials for future articles. Set the appropriate parameters in the service and use the data to create an original article;
  • develop several variants of ads for A/B testing.

There may be other cases where using Jasper makes sense, although writing texts is mostly a creative job. Of course, it is up to the author who is to do it.

What features does artificial intelligence have for copywriters

Jasper.ai is a copywriter’s ii with which authors can create text content of different orientation. The service is reliable and has these characteristics:

  • can generate more than a hundred thousand words in a few minutes to a few hours;
  • allows you to write long texts without worrying about the length limitations of the created content;
  • allows you to get beautiful and eye-catching headlines for websites and social networks;
  • creates persuasive and readable texts thanks to natural language generation (NLG);
  • enables marketers to improve their writing skills and get rid of the need to buy cheap text for a website on a limited budget;
  • can be used to create content for various purposes: e-mails, product descriptions, social media postings, ads, etc;
  • it allows you to save time that is usually spent on the creation of text content copywriter;
  • has a lot of templates for content creation.

Jasper is in constant learning and improvement mode. The more text is created with his help, the more perfect the result of his work becomes.сервис для копирайтеров фото 1

The main features of Jasper AI for copywriters

The main purpose of the Jasper service is to create text content for sites with different topics. To be able to get a quality result, Jasper needs to provide the necessary amount of information for the work. In particular, set the theme and purpose. If these conditions are met, it is possible to fully use the functionality of Jasper, laid out by the developers. The main opportunities offered by artificial intelligence for copywriters are as follows.

  1. Availability of templates for content creation. Leading copywriters and SEO specialists worked on the development of templates. In fact, each template is a form in which you need to enter the necessary information to generate content. So the service will understand what is required of it and produce results that are relevant to the request.
    сервис для копирайтеров джаспер фото 2
  2. Ability to create multilingual content with just one entry. The service is trained to read and write in more than twenty-five languages. This is a very useful feature if your employer or yourself works with export and needs to write sales texts in different languages. There is no need to enter information in different languages into the template. Formulate your key points in one and get the result in any of the available 25+.
  3. Jasper recipes, which are essentially workflows with a number of commands. The main difference from templates is the presence of commands for text formatting.

Using Jasper’s features a modern copywriter can work more efficiently. However, you should not rely completely on artificial intelligence. The text obtained as a result of a query in the vast majority of cases needs to be checked and edited.

Who is interested in using Jasper

Speaking of the service, first of all we think of people whose job is to write texts for money for different customers. Who else might be interested in software designed to create text content?

User category Purpose of use
Students and high school students Writing term and diploma papers, essays, dissertations
Realtors Creating attractive descriptions for properties
Specialists in digital-marketing Attracting readers and potential customers by creating clever, literate texts and topics
SEO Copywriters Generating texts that meet the SEO requirements of search engines and content for PBN
Owners of agencies working in the field of digital marketing Increase the effectiveness of in-house marketers responsible for creating sales texts, headlines, texts for social networks, etc.
Youtubers Creating original, unique and exciting descriptions for videos
Writers and screenwriters Struggling with creative stagnation, writing dialogue, and creating storylines
Online store owners Writing descriptions for products and categories that can attract the attention of potential customers
Bloggers Creating attractive content, increasing the number of subscribers.

Writing sales texts with Jasper

More often than not, text content aimed at stimulating sales is necessary for owners of online stores. In the conditions of market competition, a simple description of the product and the presence of a beautiful photo are not enough. The description should be such that a person who visits the site becomes interested in the offer, places an order, and pays for it. Writing sales texts – it’s not just copywriting for sites with products and services. Content with this purpose is also created for pages on social networks. To generate the result we need, we will use one of the templates, such as the AIDA Framework. Creating advertising on a basis is based on four main points:

  • Attention – attracting the attention of the potential buyer;
  • Interest – formation of stable interest to the product or service among representatives of the target audience;
  • Desire – creating a desire in the potential buyer to buy a particular product or use the seller’s service;
  • Action – call to perform the action required to purchase a product/service.

джарвис сервис для копирайтеровIt takes the Jasper service only a few minutes to prepare several versions of an ad according to AIDA standards. The copywriter only has to choose the one he or she likes best, proofread it, and edit it if necessary.

Writing texts for money is easier with Jasper.ai

The financial well-being of a freelance copywriter depends on how quickly the SEO-texts are written by the specialist. Of course, the price for the number of characters is also important, but the speed of preparing high-quality material for the customer plays an important role. Thanks to the service Jasper copywriter can do the job faster, take more orders, respectively, earn more money.

There are times in every writer’s working life when there is a creative crisis. It seems that the material is there, the topic is simple, but the work is worthwhile. It is necessary to think up an attractive headline, to create an advertisement, but there is no inspiration or creativity. Using artificial intelligence for copywriters is difficult to get a ready-made solution, but a few options for ideas to work with is provided.джарвис сервис для копирайтеров фото 4

As mentioned earlier, the service provides a large number of templates in which you only need to enter key parameters to get a finished version in a few seconds. Want to write more and better? Use your talent combined with the power of artificial intelligence to achieve better results and increase your earnings.

Creating content for the PBN

PBN is nothing more than a private, closed network of resources that includes a certain number of resources on the same topic. The purpose of such a network is to promote one main project by creating a pool of backlinks. As a rule, such web resources are not characterized by a large number of organic traffic. The use of PBN is justified in highly competitive industries because it is quite difficult and expensive to get prices for backlinks. Competently designed and made Private Blog Network using different hosting, site designs, and owners. Creating such a network it is necessary to hide it well from search algorithms, which today have the ability to see even disguised PBN.

One of the important tasks when working with Private Blog Network is to fill sites with articles on similar topics. Creating competent content for PBN quickly and inexpensively will help the artificial intelligence service, Jasper. Now there is no need to hire several copywriters to prepare unique material for each resource or burden one author with a large amount of work. Previously, such tasks took a lot of time and money. Even the rewriting of articles from one resource required considerable expense. Now the task of filling all the satellites with high-quality unique material can easily be handled by one author, and it will cost less.

Writing SEO texts through Jasper and Surfer integration

Experienced copywriters know that writing SEO texts has its own specifics and is characterized by increased complexity compared to, for example, posts on social networks. The people who invented the jasper service have taken care to make life easier for authors working with such tasks. A unique feature of the service is the ability to use the Surfer SEO tool when preparing material for blogs. The well-designed AI for copywriters allows for the conversion of publications to a blog without the author’s involvement. Jasper is able to identify phrases characteristic of a certain person’s writing style and select them in a Google word cloud. Then, based on them, the program prepares unique material of high quality, which both the reader and Google’s search robots will like.

By integrating Surfer simultaneously with Jasper.ai and Google SEO, the author doesn’t waste time switching between different applications. The price of this integration is only $1 for a test period.

Another useful feature is the ability to track trends on social networks Facebook and Twitter, and analyze reviews posted by users on marketplaces such as Amazon and other sites with real customer reviews.

Jasper offers more than just text writing

As a rule, writing texts on most topics is accompanied by illustrative material, which must also be unique. Authors can use photobanks to illustrate their texts with free images or use someone else’s pictures and photos. The latter is highly undesirable, as the original authors can file a complaint or even a lawsuit. Creating an original image had to involve designers and photographers. However, at the current stage of information technology development, the task of creating original artistic images is perfectly coped with by artificial intelligence. Jasper Art can generate the picture you need in a few seconds. At the same time, the program is even able to comply with the style and task set by the operator.сервис для копирайтеров джаспер фото 5

How does it work? You need to perform three fairly simple steps.

  1. Describe verbally what you want to get. For example, a winter landscape in the mountains at sunset.
  2. Specify several image styles.
  3. Watch as the artificial intelligence performs the task you set and creates a new image.

It all seems pretty simple. However, when working with Jasper Art you should remember one rule – the more precisely you set your request, the more accurately the result will meet your expectations.

Jasper – a cheap text for the site or a full-fledged replacement copywriter?

The question of how to make money on the Internet by writing texts is one of the most popular. Quite often people underestimate the work of a copywriter, considering the work of authors for websites and social networks easy to do. However, experience shows that preparing quality material takes a lot of time and requires certain abilities and even talent from the author. Therefore, the services of a creative copywriter with experience, able to create unique, exciting texts, revealing topics, and at the same time without unnecessary water, are quite expensive. It may be cheaper to do qualitative rewriting if the uniqueness is not 100%.

Sometimes in the search for authors for the customer, it is not so much the quality as the price that matters. For example, when you need cheap text for a satellite site. The ideal way out of this situation is to use the Jasper service. With his help, one author can easily cope with the task of creating content, not just for one resource. In a short period of time, thanks to artificial intelligence can fill the pages of all sites from a closed network. And if the user learns how to work competently with the program, he can set up the automatic filling of blogs with content. Jasper.ai functionality allows you to do all this.

Writing texts for websites with the help of AI: pros and cons

Quality copywriting can’t be an easy job – that was a justified opinion before the advent of artificial intelligence software. In an effort to facilitate the work of authors of various content, the creators of Jasper have come up with an effective way to simplify and speed up the writing process. Nevertheless, the service is not perfect, and the disadvantages in its work are also present.

Pros Minuses
Intuitive and simple interface Sometimes artificial intelligence produces material that is far from the desired result. That’s why you have to be very careful when formulating your query
Writing texts for websites in natural and reader-friendly language The result obtained most often needs to be checked and corrected
More than 50 templates for creating text content
Can be used to write articles of varying volume
Grammar check
The ability to set commands to prepare material on any topic
Ability to work in a team by adding colleagues through team navigation
Integration with Surfer SEO to generate search engine-compliant content
The ability to choose a plan to suit your needs
Performance statistics
Supports more than 25 languages

Thanks to the service, you can calculate the performance and the question of how much it costs to write texts for the site to formulate an adequate price for their services.

сервис для копирайтеров джарвис фото 6Even more benefits of using Jasper

In addition to the pluses listed in the table, the program has a number of other interesting and useful features. Together, they help the author work efficiently, write sales texts, reviews for videos, posts to social networks, advertisements, and even books. These include:

  • dark mode of operation;
  • templates categorized;
    provision of free credits according to the results of the tasks set by the program (for example, you can get a certain number of free words for writing a review on Trustpilot);
  • VIP access to the Facebook group for communication with colleagues and administrative support of the service:
    flexible access to the cloud;
  • recipes for creating content that is relevant to the request.

With all these advantages and benefits of using the service, the main thing is that artificial intelligence makes writing texts easier and faster. As a result, the efficiency of the copywriter’s work increases. In addition, one should not forget about the program’s ability to generate ideas for filling a website, a script or a book from scratch. In this case the thinking of the machine mind is similar to the human mind. The products of AI creativity created in this way can hardly be distinguished from the text written by a human after correction by the copywriter.

Writing texts online in Boss mode

For people for whom copywriting is a professional activity, as well as writers and screenwriters, it is advisable to use the Jasper service in boss mode. What is it? Basically, it is the same Jasper, but with enhanced features. Users with this plan are given the ability to customize recipes, use SEO mode, over 50 templates to create content, and more. To create content for the site, the system gives the user a limit of 30,000 words. Once the upper limit is reached, it can be increased for an additional fee.

Originally, Boss Mode was available only to one user who purchased this plan. Today, for $50 a month, you can buy access to the service’s advanced features for other team members or even the entire ad agency team.

A big advantage of using this mode is the ability to automatically generate content for blogs using preset commands. This is an ideal solution for writing texts when working with multiple resources if you need to regularly fill pages with topical articles. Boss mode and its commands are worth considering in more detail so that it is clear how and when to use it.

Automatic text writing – work for AI in Boss mode

As already mentioned, Boss gives the user the ability to use all the creative commands and provides access to the editor-in-chief. This mode is ideal for teamwork in creative agencies and enterprises. Using Boss if you are a freelancer and writing texts is not your main activity does not make sense. By signing up for the “Boss” plan, the user gets the option:

  • work with more than one AI model and access all service functions;
  • use the creative resources of the program;
  • use all possible templates for content and support more than 2 languages;
  • write texts in the SEO mode;
  • use AI models that you have created yourself for your work;
  • check the grammar of written materials;
  • log in to the account an unlimited number of times;
  • create folders, sign-in, and edit sheets;
  • check for plagiarism.

An important advantage of boss mode is that you can write texts online without a copywriter. The operator gives Jasper a task and he does the routine work of a copywriter to fill content, such as a blog. Such an opportunity opens up through the use of creative commands. If you need online writing, give Jasper the command “write about …”. Then open the editor-in-chief to see the result.

Another interesting command that writers and screenwriters will especially enjoy is “get inspired.” The problem of creative crisis is familiar to many, Jasper thus offers a solution on how to get out of it.

сервис длф копирайтеров джаспер фото 7

Can copywriting be completely transferred to Jasper

We consider it necessary to emphasize to the reader that Jasper AI with all its functionality cannot completely replace a good copywriter. It can be used to create cheap text for the site, advertisements, rewriting material written by other authors, etc. However, you can not use this tool to create, for example, landing pages from scratch. To date, it is not possible without the intervention of the operator to correct the text, correct errors, and do fact-checking. Even when the quality of the material prepared by the service is not particularly important, as in the case of PBN or writing texts online, it is better to take the time to check the text written by artificial intelligence.

Quite often Jasper misses the facts. Perhaps in the future, AI will reach a level of development where it will be possible to fully rely on the content it has prepared. Today, however, authors working in various fields need to check the texts written by the service. Even when it comes to popular topics on which many articles have been written, including scientific ones (e.g., coronavirus), Jasper may give out false information.

How much does it cost to write texts for the site?

While some writers are just thinking about how to make money online by writing texts, others are looking for a way to simplify their work and perform tasks faster and more efficiently. Even taking into account the need to edit Jasper-generated tests, the work is more productive with its use. In fact, the service does about 50% of the author’s work. If you need to make an interesting description for YouTube, prepare a fascinating story for a blog or write several variants of ads for a business page on Facebook, Jasper AI will help. Buying an account makes sense when writing texts for money is the main type of income. Currently, the resource page offers users two plan options.сколько стоит сервис для копирайтеров джаспер

We talked about the Boss module a little bit earlier in the review. Jasper does not charge a separate connection fee, only a monthly rate of $99 per month. For this money, the copywriter gets up to 100,000 words and advanced features for preparing text material. If the author is ready to be satisfied with fewer words and limited features of the service, it is worth choosing the basic rate with a monthly payment of $49.

How to make money on the Internet by writing texts

Everyone’s path to writing is different. Some have been good at writing essays since high school and then decided to write for a living. Others at a mature age decided to change careers, quit a job they didn’t like, registered on freelance exchanges, and started writing. Others decided to bring income to the family budget while on maternity leave. At the start, each person is interested in questions about how to make money on the Internet writing texts, where to find customers, and how to evaluate their work.

Before you start working, you should think over the list of topics that you will feel comfortable working with and register at the freelance exchanges. Newcomers should not inflate the rate and ask for the work to the number of experienced writers. Of course, beginners at first have to work practically for food. If you are familiar with such a direction as writing SEO texts, you can start with a higher rate.

It is good if in the process of work, you figure out the Jasper service and start using ii for copywriters to fulfill customers’ assignments. that way you can manage to write more, respectively – earn more, because the copywriter’s salary depends on the number of characters written by him.

Everything looks quite simple, if you feel that you are able to cope with such work – go ahead and everything will work out, no one started his career as a professional.

Artificial Intelligence and Text Writing

During the review, we have already practically given the reader instructions on how to use artificial intelligence for writing texts of different volumes and purposes. In addition to using templates, there is another way. Some copywriters consider it the best, as it results in more relevant texts. With its help, you can make descriptions for YouTube, and write posts for social networks, advertisements, and large articles. The method is similar to using templates, except for one point: the copywriter needs to spell out the headlines. After that, Jasper starts looking for suitable material and adds text under ready-made headings.

To start the text generator, use a keyboard shortcut:

Windows: CTRL + J;
Mac: CMD + J.

In a few seconds or minutes, you will get the result. Remember that sometimes the program can give out complete nonsense, especially if the task is set incorrectly. So be sure to check and make adjustments. If the text is bad, you can use the Re-phrase function and the program will rewrite the material it prepared earlier.

For freelance work, writing texts remains one of the top priorities. The emergence of a service that helps to write texts for various purposes has made a kind of revolution in the copywriting environment. It is now possible to fulfill orders faster and, accordingly, to earn more.

Rewriting with Artificial Intelligence

Such work as writing includes not only the preparation of various publications from scratch or after processing a certain amount of material. Quite often a copywriter needs to write an article based on an existing one. Just copying the material is not allowed, otherwise, the page with the text can fall under the sanctions of search engines. In such cases, writing texts for websites is to rewriting existing material so that you get a new article or review with a high percentage of uniqueness.

Some copywriters love such tasks, while others hate them. If there is a need to do this kind of work, but your heart is not in it, it makes sense to use the Artificial Intelligence service and its Re-phrase function. We have previously written about it in the context of remaking material that was generated but didn’t fit us for some reason. Using the same function, you can work with rewriting and creating unique material based on previously written by other authors. How does it work? You simply copy the text you like and paste it into the editor. You select the section you want to rewrite and click the double arrow at the top right of the screen. In a few seconds, you’ll get a new text. Thus, the freelance writing segment can bring a good income, because now all the work can be done several times faster.

Generating texts for social media with Jasper

Almost every copywriter is periodically in a state of lack of inspiration. The work has to be done, but the thoughts do not come to mind. In such cases it is useful to use artificial intelligence, writing texts by a robot will help to get if not a completely ready text, then at least the key ideas for it. Consider, as an example, writing a publication for a social network such as Linkedin. Go to the category “Social Networks” and select the desired tab.сервис для копирайтеров джаспер фото 8

In the window that opens, you need to fill in the fields. You don’t need to write a lot. Jasper enough to describe the problem, and its solution, to provide some additional and important, in your opinion, information, and to choose the target audience. Next, select the language in which the information is displayed and in what language the text should be written.
сервис для копирайтеров джарвис фото 9

Press the “Generate Content” button and in a few seconds, you’ll have several variants of the finished text.
сервис для копирайтеров Jasper фото

Don’t post one of them immediately to a social networking page. Take some time to check, after all the text was written by a machine, and assess critically how readable it is for a person. As a rule, texts for social networks should be small and maximally informative. Make the necessary corrections and you can publish.

Create a unique description for YouTube and Tick-Tock using AI

With Jasper, you can get not only unique SEO-text writing with all the relevant parameters. The service allows you to generate content on a wide variety of topics and for different audiences. You can even prepare a description for YouTube or a Tic-Tac video. Just go to the category “Video” and select the section we want.
сервис для копирайтеров Jasper фото 2

Tic-Toc is very popular today. Let’s see what the service offers the user in this direction.
генератор текста для тиктока

To get a description of your video in the service, fill in the required fields. Tell us what your video is about. Be sure to set the Tone of voice for your video, which determines the style of the description. Set keywords and phrases, choose input and output languages and after you click “Generate Content” you will get description options for your video. It’s pretty simple. Don’t forget to check the resulting text for readability. If you don’t like any of the results, run the procedure again. Just try to change something in the settings, e.g. set a different Tone of voice.

Practically the same thing should be done if you need to prepare a description for a YouTube video. In addition to texts, artificial intelligence can also prepare variants of unique titles for videos or descriptions for an entire channel.

How to do unique copywriting for websites

With the Jasper service, the time for preparing unique content for web resources with different topics is reduced. If texts for social networks do not always have to meet the requirements of uniqueness, wateriness, and nausea, things are different with SEO content. As a rule, the technical building copywriter takes into account everything – the presence of lists, and tables, what keywords should be used and how many times, and what requirements the created content must meet. The presence of such requirements also affects how much it costs to write texts for the site – the higher the requirements, the more expensive the material.

How to create unique content for the site with Jasper? Go to the appropriate category and choose the section we are interested in. The service offers several options for creating publications. In addition to simply writing paragraphs, and sections for your page, Jasper can generate a Title, Description according to specified parameters.

сервис для копирайтеров Jasper фото 3

Working with Jasper AI is easy enough – you set the basic parameters, click the button and get a few options for the finished text.
сервис для копирайтеров Jasper фото 4

For Jasper AI the main job is to write texts

Jasper can be called a highly specialized software product. The service, created by developers in cooperation with marketers and copywriters, is designed for people whose main job is to write texts for money. That is its main specialization. More than 50 templates on various subjects allow authors to write short texts for social networks, video reviews, ads, descriptions of goods and services, movie scripts, and even fiction books. The creators of this tool tried to cover all possible areas of copywriting and they succeeded. Since virtually any publication on the Internet for better ranking should be accompanied by an original illustration, the service is equipped with a special function to generate the necessary thematic images.

Despite all the advantages and capabilities of a software product called Jasper AI, it is impossible to completely transfer the work of a live author to the tool. Quite often as a result of a given query, the operator receives complete nonsense or material with distorted facts. Therefore, every content generated by the service needs to be verified by a person who understands the subject matter of the material.

How freelance writing with AI will be affected

The modern market is overflowing with offers from authors. In times of crisis, people are ready to take any job and get minimal money. We hope that in the near future, the situation will change and the time of healthy competition will come when the customers are looking for a competent performer and are ready to pay an adequate wage for high-quality work. In such a situation, the service with which copywriting for websites will help authors in their work will be used as intended. Can Jasper or another program with artificial intelligence displace humans from the market? Not likely. What customers value in good texts is the ease of reading that only human talent can provide. Machine intelligence does not have that talent; where emotion needs to be conveyed, machine text will sag. Should I use Jasper at work? Absolutely yes. It is indispensable and unrivaled as a tool that facilitates the author’s work.

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  • Jasper AI for copywriters

  • This is a good project for the future

  • this article is exelence.as a freelancer, this article will help create a new project. thanks for the article.

  • as a freelancer, this article will help create a new project. thanks for the article.

  • Avatar
    06.02.2023 19:14

    Очень полезно для тех, кто хочет стать хорошим и интересным копирайтером.


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