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Image advertising: increase brand awareness

The image type of advertising is used to form the consumer’s need to buy goods of a particular brand. For these purposes, a combination of PR tools and marketing elements is used. Image advertising focuses on the similarity with the product.

Varieties of advertising

Advertising is of several types:

  • Image type;
  • Commodity type;
  • Service advertising.

The second and third types work to draw attention to the merits of a product or service. These types are measurable and aimed at increasing sales. Image does not describe a specific product, but works to strengthen the reputation of a company or an individual brand. Such advertising is long-term and aimed at increasing the value of the organization.

Image is a set of personal ideas of a person about the world around him, his ideas and attitudes towards something, for example, a brand, company, politics. The object of influence of such advertising are the feelings of the audience. Customers form an emotional impression that with the purchase of tea or a phone of a particular brand, they will become successful and happy. Advertising of goods or services encourages buyers to opt for a particular product. The image option gradually convinces them of the superiority of a particular company.

Advantages and disadvantages of image advertising

The advantages of image advertising are due to its goals. There is an increase in the following indicators:

  • branded traffic;
  • increase in audience;
  • increasing customer loyalty;
  • growth in sales.

The ideal scenario for this type of action is the formation of customer attachment to a particular brand, which allows you to support the company during crisis situations and entails the emergence of new partners.


  • high price;
  • time costs;
  • lack of concrete measurable results.

For a quick result, image advertising is not the best option. Working on the reputation of a company or brand is only effective in the long run.

Image advertising performs the following functions:

  1. Demonstration of the company’s leadership in the market by choosing the best platforms for advertising. Placing messages on the central buildings of the city will attract an additional audience and will have an impact on partners, investors and competitors.
  2. Formation of the image of the product, thanks to which customers know in what cases the products of which brand to buy. For example, for a good date, it is desirable to buy sweets of a certain brand.
  3. Work on the recognition of the company.

Buyers tend to choose familiar products, regardless of their qualities. Business areas that require the use of image advertising:

  • companies operating in highly competitive niches;
  • companies seeking to win over part of the audience of competitors;
  • companies that work with the Internet audience;
  • manufacturers of natural products;
  • companies with a network of divisions;
  • companies with a large budget or business representatives with high profits;
  • sellers of new products unknown to the consumer;
  • companies that want to regain customer trust.

Examples of using

Nike succinctly reminds the audience of itself, using the slogan “Just do it.” Coca-Cola managed to build associations with Christmas among users. Choosing a famous person to advertise a brand is a very important point because every act of a person affects the audience’s attitude to the brand.

Reasons for using image advertising

  1. Established market with a high level of competition. With a large number of product options, the buyer’s decision will be influenced by the company’s reputation. In the absence of competition, the role of the image is secondary, and the client will be guided by the quality characteristics of the goods.
  2. A monopolized market where companies build communication with the audience by describing the added value of products.
  3. The market for expensive products – wealthy customers are attracted not by the quality characteristics of the product, but by unusual offers.
  4. Expansion of geography or updating of assortment.
  5. Rebranding – advertising performs an informative function in order to prepare customers for changes in the company’s image.

Varieties of brand image advertising

Increasing prestige – creating an image of a successful company capable of helping others. The firm organizes charity evenings, develops student school programs, and helps those in need. Example: sponsoring events and promotions that create a pleasant atmosphere and do not require large expenses. If you use your own products as an aid, future customers will have the opportunity to test them.

Showing mercy – creating an opportunity for consumers to do a good deed by purchasing a product. Relevant for the following areas: ecology, health care, education, research activities, assistance to socially vulnerable groups, assistance to municipal services.

Aimed at financiers – providing information about planned projects, financial achievements, the quality of interaction with shareholders, advantageous differences from competitors.

Created for employees – the formation of a positive image of the company in the eyes of subordinates, which will have a beneficial effect on the effectiveness of their work.

Informative – reminding the audience about the company, its values ​​and products. Toolkit of image advertising activities.


The effectiveness of the acquaintance of consumers with the company depends on the bright name of the company and the unusual style of the brand. Creating a logo is the initial stage of high-quality image advertising, after which work begins directly to increase awareness. Sometimes the development of a logo is accompanied by the creation of a character that customers will associate with this company. The logo performs an identification function. External carriers of the company’s style, which are used to maintain the interest of the audience: brochures, business cards, flyers, calendars, notepads, employee uniforms, price lists, etc.

Internal and external advertising media

City format, pillars, light panels, signboards, banners, auto branding are types of external media that remind the mass audience about the organization and its products or services. The scale of coverage is the main advantage of this advertising format. With its help, the audience is influenced in a subconscious way and the image is fixed in the memory of a number of potential buyers. Stands and other types can be attributed to internal media.

Internet and mass media

The Internet space is filled with thematic articles of the selling format, banners and videos on various sites and thematic resources. Reviews written by copywriters and posted on forums and social groups help potential customers express their opinion. Pop-ups also have a good effect on the audience. The use of printed media helps a more conscious perception of information. The advantage of unusual thematic images. Moderate prices for this type of advertising have a positive effect on its popularity. Television advertising, due to the impact on the visual and auditory channels of perception, has been and remains the most effective and expensive type of advertising. It requires careful preparation and analysis of the target audience.

Brand ambassadors

Regular fans of the company’s products recommend it to their friends, but the key effectiveness is the involvement of ambassadors, in the role of opinion leaders.


Using stories about a product or company arouses buyers’ interest, creates the appearance of common values ​​and interests, and emotional involvement of consumers.

Product placement

Occasionally, feature films feature branded products that try, wear, orimage popular characters. Due to this, in the subconscious of the audience, the relationship between the heroes of the work and the goods or services of the company is formed. Experts do not recommend immediately planning significant financial investments in advertising.

Successful image advertising is based on the high quality of the product and the good work of employees. Such advertising is focused on maintaining the interest of customers already familiar with the product. It is a high-quality base of regular customers that contributes to the development of the company due to the possibility of planning further activities.

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